Friday, January 29, 2016

First Entry 2016

| Hi, Hello..sudah agak lama tidak time and no chance to write..entahla nak kata busy sangat tu takdela busy sangat..maybe takde mood or takde interesting things happened to me or around me..just another usual boring day..same as a boring me..keke..| 

| Kerja macam biasa..masih di position lama..tiada tanda-tanda untuk naik pangkat, naik gaji atau seangkatan dengannya cuma ura-ura untuk bertambah lagi beban kerja tu ade la..but don't want to stress myself so much..just go with the flow..selagi larat buat, da tak larat angkat kaki and then blah je..tapi selagi larat..cuba setiap hari untuk positifkan diri untuk bertahan, bersabar dan cuba untuk lengkapkan diri sebaik mungkin untuk kerja dengan lebih baik dan belajar  benda baru setiap hari..zetti fighting!! hehe| 

| Selain kisah duka lara selepas being dumped 2-3 bulan lepas, tiada perkara menarik pon terjadi kat aku..i just mengabadikan diri aku dengan menonton drama korea je..lagi best..tenang dan tak sakit i'm so obsessed with So Ji Sub oppa..jangan marah! kekeke and oh, now drama yang paling best so far is Reply 1988..I watach Reply 1997 and Reply 1994 but Reply 1988 is the best..i love the casts, the storyline and all..and i really really hope that kim Junghwan or jungpal is the's always being a hot trend for Reply series to make us guess who the husband would be..i'm in #teamjunghwan kekee jungpal is so charming and i know that he loves deuksun so much since the beginning..this week the last 2 episodes will be, can't wait to know who is deuksun's husband.. :p |

*update news, Jungpal is not Deuksun's husband..hul~ and i'm not goint to watch the rest of the episode..i don't understand why they made Taek as the husband when they gave us hint about how Junghwan fall for Deuksun from the start..i hate it even the story line is good but the production team and the writers should not favor Taek just because he is handsome compare to Junghwan..i think Junghwan has his own charms and he is a the best candidate to be the husband..whatever! i don't want to care anymore..i won't watch the rest of the episode...bye|

| And about So Ji Sub, oh my god..previously i don't know about his existing at all, i know about the drama The Master's Sun and i know that my favorite actress Gong Hyo Jin is the actress for the drama but i don't know who is so ji sub..i get it confuse between him and that grumpy and not so my type cha seung won so i have no interest to watch that drama at all..but thanks to new year celebration boredom that i had enough time to watch old dramas and movies stored in my external hard and i decided to watch The Master's Sun to feel the horror korean drama..and bammm! I fall in love with So Ji Sub..blame this drama..seriously..he is so charming..and handsome..and cute..and rude and protective and so and so..and after i finish watching the master's sun (17 episode only in 3 days can you believe me?) i look for So Ji Sub's other dramas and he currently acting in the latest drama Oh My Venus along with Shin Min Ah..and I watch that drama..and I fall in love again with So Ji Sub oppa..haahhaha..but compare to The Master's Sun, Oh My Venus's storyline was not that strong and too sweet and too easy..for me, i like The Master's Sun more but I love So Ji Sub in Oh My Venus more because of his casual outfit.. i don't like to see him in formal suit lol and now continue to watch drama Ghost Phantom which So Ji Sub oppa acted in's a good drama..and i'm enjoying watching oppa's face..keke |