Friday, October 30, 2015

Working World

| Welcome to the working world! You wake up in the morning with full of energy and positivity your keep telling yourself that you will be a positive person from the morning until night. you will make yourself be prepared for whatever happened and you will face whatever come to you. every single day, you will keep on repeating to remind yourself to stay positive..the moment you step out from your home..while you walking to your car..when you listen to energetic and lovely songs to keep your upbeat and to be happy and cheerful..|

| However..on your way to reach office, you will face 1001 things which out of your control..bad traffic, rude people on the road, and when arrive office you have to face annoying colleagues, when you call people for anything, you need to deal with their rudeness, you need to taking care of your heart from every angle because you won't know when you will face all sort of problems and your energy become draining and your smile is not like your morning smile anymore|

| But like it or not, you have to deal with it's all up to you about how you deal with it and how you protect yourself to no get carry away with those unhappy feelings and do not feel too stress..that's life..and that's life you choose to live in..take it or leave it..|

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