Friday, October 30, 2015

Stopped Open Up About Myself to Others

| Since 2010, I think I have stopped open up myself to others. it's tiring you know, when you were ready to get to know other person, you prepared yourself to accept what good and bad about them but later end up with they leave you without say anything. so, since then i decided to not open up about myself easily to other..I want to protect myself and my heart because the feeling of being left behind and being neglected like you are a fool and has no feeling..can you imagine how hurt would i feel? indescribable feeling ever! |

| So, for long time, I don't feel like get to know someone for a special reason and time goes by just like that alone..but i'm not lonely..i have my friends who are so funny and lovely so that i don't feel lonely at all..|

| But lately, that feeling appear again..because someone said that he is kinda like me..and i tell myself..why don't you try and open yourself this time..maybe it's time for you to be happy like other and maybe he's the one for, i accept the challenge..i start to getting know him..slowly..i give us open about each other..but it seems to slow and i wonder if he still like me when he know some of my information..because i'm just an ordinary person..nobody likes ordinary person i think..and maybe he suddenly feel like i'm not suitable with him..who, i don't want to push or force's okay..i'm used to it after all..but deep in my heart..i always praying for someone to come to me and accept me for who i am..|

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