Friday, November 21, 2014

My lovely Kang Seung Yoon

| Kang Seung Yoon from Kpop group WINNER is my new crush..hehehe..since i first listen to their hit song "Empty" I don't know who is WINNER and where they come from..I just only know that they are from YG Entertainment..which well known for swag and hip hop kind of artist that they, i just keep listening to their songs without any intention to do search to know more about them..but one night, as i was being lazy at home and we watched KBS me and my little sister both of us like to watch Korean drama and korean suddenly without knowing anything there was a show called yoo hee yeul sketchbook where all talented singers will be invited to perform live on the tv show and WINNER was one of the guest for the week and i just yelled at my sister..WINNER!! lol and i watched them..from the show I started to realized that they are so talented..all five of them are all talented..their live performance was awesome!! first, they performed "EMPTY" and then they introduced themselves and have a talk segment with the host and Winner's rapper and choreographer Lee Seunghoon shows his free style dance and it was so hilarious..and they talked about their days as trainees before debute.. and after that they performed live their sunbaes's 2ne1's song "MISSING YOU" and once's daebak!! i don't know much about that song because i'm not that into YG artists before..but when WINNER sang that song, I started to like the song because they sang it so flawlessly..|
| And after the show, i told my sister that I like Kang Seung Yoon the most  because his face and his voice is so my type..hehehe.. i don't know my eyes only follow his step while watching the only after that my sister told me that he was from Superstar K2 a reality show of singing competition and he got 4th place..and became a trainee under YG entertainment for about 3 years..and debute as a solo singer before he joined another reality survival show Win:Who is next and later his and other members become WINNER..he appointed as the leader despited his young age (20 years old) but because of his talents with guitar skills, composing skills, singing skills, good and bright personality and his previous experiences he manage to become a good leader for WINNER |

| Here some background story about Kang Seung Yoon that made me respect and fall for him more deeply..hehe ^^ |
  • His mother and father divorced when Seungyoon was young, leaving Seungyoon's mother to raise him all by herself. Although Seungyoon was a bright child, he somehow got involved with the bad crowd at school. Inevitably, he had many fallouts with them and was met with betrayal time and time again. It was all too much for him, so he stopped attending school. He didn't go to school for months.
  • His mom, the one figure in his life who had never betrayed him, persuaded him to change.
  • Seungyoon took the college entrance exam and passed with flying colours. He learned how to play billiards and went on to play in the National Sports Festival and won. He became Busan's representative.
  • He also learned how to play guitar. He competed in Superstar K2 and although he was faced with doubt from others, he managed to place fourth on the program. After that, he became a YG trainee and later, a YG artist. In his solo singing career, he has had a single peak at #1 ("It Rains") and he has also achieved an all kill ("Instinctively").
  • Although he was already a debuted solo artist, he never once took his team in YG for granted. He worked hard for months alongside his members, who were now the friends who accepted his unusual and goofy character and who were also the friends who held his hand battle after battle. Eventually becoming leader, he led his team to victory. 
  • The lonely boy, who had lost sight of the future and shut himself off from the world, eventually came to be a son that his mother could truly be proud of. It was because of his mother's unwavering faith and persistence that Seungyoon changed from a lonely, lost boy to the determined and successful man that he is today.
| And now, as WINNER has debuted with their first  album 2014 S/S with so many high quality and memorable melodies and lyrics composed by all the WINNER members all the music triple crown on mnet mcountdown..won New Style Icon for Style Icon Awards (SIA) later they won 2014 Top 10 Artist and 2014 Best New Artist for Melon Music Awards..chukahea WINNER!! hehee looking forward for you guys to bring back more awards because you guys deserve it!! you deserve all the happiness for your worked hard and talents that gifted for you guys..I will forever supporting WINNER..please keep being a happy, humble and talented WINNER now, in the future and forever..WINNER fighting!! ^^ |


| Semalam my bff dekat kampung whatsapp me dan cerita yang dekat kampung hujan lebat dan da dekat nak banjir..air da melimpah atas jalan..area rumah aku kat kampung tu dikelilingi bendang dan sawah..air da penuh la dalam sawah2 tu..dan melimpah atas jalan..hemm..risau jugak aku..harap2 rumah aku kat kampung tak terjejas la dengan banjir..harap-harap ma, abah dan adik elok2 je la duk umah time2  banjir ni kan..insyaAllah | 

Pindah Office dan Sakit Belakang

| Atas sebab-sebab tertentu, kami terpaksa berpinda office..dari 5th floor to 4th floor..and our soon to be new office is way too smaller compared to our current room..with four of us (including boss) will be placed in that room..heul~ we worried about our documents..worried of there's not enough space..but as usual, they've already decided and next week on monday..terpaksa la pindah ke bawah, officially..|

| Dan bila nak pindah tu, of course kena kemas barang..barang office..dengan documents yang banyak da berat..angkat2 dan susun..tu buat aku sakit belakang..semalam teruk betul rasa sakit tu..berdenyut-denyut..nak tidur pon tak selesa..adui..tak larat dah nak rasa camni..malam ni aku kena juga beli patch untuk tampal least boleh lega la sikit.. T.T |

| Harap-harap cepatlah habis pindah..tak tahan la nak sakit2 camni..memang belakang aku kalau angkat berat ke apa memang akan teruk begini la sakitnya..aku nak pegi urut nanti tapi tunggu gaji la..upah urut pon bukan murah..puluh2 juga..duit pon tinggal cukup2 makan je ni..haha..tahan je la dulu sakit ni.. |

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Whining and Whining

| Aku sangat penat la bila ada orang asyik duk mengeluh ni..semua nak mengeluh..heul~ dengar dia mengeluh tiap2 hari buatkan hari aku yang cerah dan ceria seperti matahari yang memancar jadi kelam seperti hari nak hujan..yelah cuba bayangkan pagi2 hari untuk mulakan hari yang indah..orang kata kalau pagi kita happy dan ceria kita akan rasa happy sampai ke malam kan? tapi ni pagi2 dah dengar orang mengeluh..mengeluh pasal kerja..mengeluh pasal rasa tak sihat..mengeluh pasal semua benda..pastu aku jugak yang kena dengar..kadang2 rasa cam tak boleh nak dengar da..tak tau nak bagi respond camana da..sekali mengeluh ok la aku bagi la jugak kata2 seperti menyokong kata2 dia tu tapi kalau da tiap2 hari perkara sama..aku nak cakap apa lagi? habis da vocabulary aku nak bagi respond untuk perkara yang sama tu..|

| Okay tiap2 hari mengeluh pasal kerja..perkara sama..pasal perangai tak semenggah bos2 yang buat kita rasa sakit hati..okay fine..boleh lah nk luahkan..tapi perkara yang sama..duk cite benda yang sama tiap2 hari tak bosan ke? aku bosan lah seriously..biarlah da perangai orang2 tua ni mana kita boleh ubah kan? bosses lak tu..of course la dorang asyik ingat dorang je betul..takkan dorang dengarnya keluhan kita, apa nak buat..sabar je la..kalau tak, ubah diri kita cuba jangan peduli sangat jangat ikut perasaan sangat..kalau diorang suruh buat kerja tu buat je..ikut arahan je tak yah nak fikir banyak2 hilang la risau tu..kan? |

| Pastu lagi satu pasal sakit..sakit tekak la sakit perut la sakit belakang la..okay faham..awak rasa sakit tapi tak payah sepanjang hari sepanjang masa sepanjang perjalanan duk cakap awak sakit..duk cerita kat semua orang awak sakit..heul~ xde orang nak dengar la keluhan awak tu..kalau rasa sakit nak buat apa? pegi klinik..makan ubat..kalau sakit lagi tak larat datang keje, amek mc..settle..rehat banyak2 pastu hilang la tak..naik muak aku dengar sakitnya tekak..tak hilang mengeluh camtu apa yang dapat? kalau aku cakap apa2 elok ke sakit tekak tu..tak kan? aduii susah betul.. |
please stop whining T.T
| Okay, dia orang rapat ngan aku..aku concern la jugak tapi bagi aku kadang2 bila mengada terlebih aku rasa cam annoyed lak..kalau nak mengada pegi la kat laki awak..saya tak boleh la nak melayan kemengadaan awak tu..rasa cam annoyed sebab saya sendiri pon ada rasa sakit..tapi saya selesaikan sendiri..macam haritu kena migrain saya terus ke klinik amek ubat..amek mc..pastu sihat..alhamdulillah..pastu bila saya sakit telinga saya pergi klinik juga amek ubat pastu dalam seminggu alhamdulillah okay..haaa itu caranya..nak duk mengeluh buat apa? astaghfirullahalazim..tolonglah..kalau cakap kang terasa hati..tolonglah faham..walaupun kita rapat tapi ada juga masa untuk tidak terlalu mengada boleh tak? mengadu sekali sekala takpa tapi jangan obsess sangat..tak larat nak dengar...T.T |


| We olls pergi retreat di Janda Baik u olls..jangan jeles okay!'s company trip..under social club..memang la aku join..kalau gi sendiri tak mampu la mak dengan keadaan ekonomi mak yang tak berapa memberangsangkan sangat ni, bile dapat je email from HR about this trip..terus la mak isi borang hantar..mak antara orang yang terawal hantar borang kot? semangat!! we went to Cherengin Hill Resort, Janda Baik Pahang..|
| 30 pax overall in one bus started our journey at 10 a.m and we arrived there around 12 p.m..dengan keadaan driver bas yang agak samseng sikit..first, bila kami mula2 nak naik bas tu, Mrs.Fashionable diva bawak beg yang agak besar dan berat..bila minta letak beg kat bawah dia dengan muka yang cam annoyed cakap beg boleh je letak dengan susah payah kami bawak naik atas letak bawah kaki..heul..beg aku kecik je so aku bawak beg pack je so boleh la letak atas je no problem at all..pastu masa nak start perjalanan..dia pasang lagu rock kapak dengan full blast volume..kuat gile sampai aku da naik pening2..aku nak dengar lagu sendiri dalam phone guna earphone pon tak boleh sebab bunyi music dalam bas tu lagi kuat dan membengitkan telinga..serious annoyed..pastu nasib baik dalam lebih kurang 20 minit camtu dia off kan terus radio tu..maybe ada orang suruh dia off kot..haha..padan muka! |
| Pastu cerita pasal bas tak berakhir di situ lagi masa perjalanan nak naik ke janda baik tu, jalan kecik dan berpusing2..tapi dia bawak bas laju gila dan beg2 yang ada kat atas tempat letak beg tu semua terpelanting jatuh..gile lah nasib baik takde sape2 yang tercedera dihempap samseng betul la driver tu..pastu biasa bila da bawak bas camtu..of course ada yang termuntah...nasib baik dorg leh tahan muntah bila da sampai kalau ade yang muntah dalam bas, tak dapek la nak nolong..heul~ |
| Tapi dalam susah payah tu, kitorang akhirnya sampai juga ke destinasi yang dituju..wawawah...happy je bila nampak resort tu satu sebab dah tak tahan pening dalam bas tu satu lagi sebab kawasan tu sangat cantik..dikelilingi bukit dan resort tu pon cam baru..actually aku da pernah sampai kat sini dulu masa masih di KPT masa tu retreat retreat jugak kalau tak silap tahun 2012..tapi da lupa da sebab tak T.T |
| So bila sampai tu kami tunggu masa untuk lunch dan pastu prepared for our team building punye programmes..kami dibahagikan kepada 4 kumpulan..aku dalam kumpulan 1..dan tanpa dirancang aku satu group ngan Mrs.Fashionable diva..tak plan okay? da kebetulan cara pembahagian kumpulan camtu..hahah jangan jeles yang sume orang..dorang semua cam tak puas hati sebab kitorang dapat duk satu bilik, satu group lagi..ahhaah..sorry lah kami ^^|
| First game ktorang kena tutup mata pastu captain guide ktorang untuk naik ke tempat tinggi..kelakar je game tu..hahaha..kena tunduk la merangkak la naik tangga la hahah macam2..tapi akhirnya kami berjaya sampai dengan selamat..and then, kitorang kena bina tapak khemah dengan menggunakan 10 batang buluh dan bukan tau sangat bab2 bina khemah ni..dulu masa zaman sekolah gi berkhemah pon bukan aku yang buat, aku duk tepi je la tengok dorang buat..tapi last last group ktorang tak berapa berjaya buat khemah tu..sekali tolak je da ampun..tapi we had fun..pastu last game, ktorang buat jungle tracking..panjat bukit..aku ingatkan bukit landai biasa2 je..sekali kau..kena naik pakai tali pastu tanah liat..memang licin la..dalam hati aku ni baca la ayat2 apa yang patut supaya dipermudahkan urusan..yelah takut gak..kang salah langkat jatuh tergolek..sakit gak kan? hahah tapi bukan nak kata apa, aku boleh mendaki dengan jaya dan sepanjang masa memang aku antara orang yang terawal yang mendaki..duk depan je..pantas..memang aku dari dulu kalau buat aktiviti ke apa memang aku suka duk depan..tak suka kena tinggal..biar cepat kalau duk belakang jalan jadi lagi licin sebab da ramai orang, lagi kitorang berjaya mendaki dengan bantuan dan panduan ranger ada jugak la yang jatuh tapi takdelah major injured ke apa..semua orang cam happy je..pastu last aktiviti, kitorang diajar buat perangkap..aku memang tak minta dan tak, tengok je captain yang pastu ktorg turun (masa tu da maghrib pon..jalan pon da gelap) dan bersihkan diri dan get ready for dinner nyummmmm ^^| 

| Pastu around 8.30 malam kitorang semua turun makan dinner..bbq ayam, daging dan usual aku akan makan ayam dan daging je..ikan dan kambing memang bukan style aku uolls...hahaha..pastu aku makan la nasik sikit..amek mashed potato sikit..mushroom sup dan roti pastu da..stop..da kenyang bangat..lepas makan tu, ada sesi penyampaian ktorang second place..yeeehoooo!! hebat gak la group ktorang kan? dapat la jajan satu beg untuk share among us satu group kan..pastu ktorang gerak ke karaoke room..ada 2 bilik..aku pon join la..takkan tak nak karaoke kan? da lama tak malu ape? geng2 office je pon..hahah first lagu senja nan merah by awie dan ziana zain..duet u olls..hahah..dorang semua cam first time kot dengan suara of them said aku ni badan je kecik tapi suara cadet remaja kot dulu..siap tukang bagi arahan kawad lagi kan zaman tu sebab tu suara besar..hahaha.. kitorang gilir2 karaoke sampai 12 tgh malam..(perghhhh) hahah pastu balik tidoq!! ^^|

| Esoknya kami bangun pagi2 sarapan...pastu..terjun kolam..ihihihihi..bukan selalu kan dapat swim reramai ngan kengkawan ofis kan? tapi air sejuk..tapi pemandangan cantik la..keliling bukit aku berenang dalam lebih kurang 1 jam camtu pastu naik atas lepak jap sambil tengok mcountdown kat 8tv..pastu siap2 turun ke lobby untuk gather sebelum dorang semua balik naik bas..(aku follow Mrs. Fashionable Diva balik ngan husband dia naik keta) sebab da rasa scary nak naik bas pastu teman anak2 Mrs. Fashionable Diva mandi kolam pastu kami bergerak balik..before that, stop jap kat R&R Genting Sempah makan lunch pastu balik..|

| It was a fun and memorable trip ever..before this, I was not really close with those who joined this trip but when we were there, knowing each other better, then we became close..dorang semua sporting dan kelakar..hopefully ada lagi trip camni dan aku nak join lagi lah.hehehe bersosial sikit kan ^^ |

Friday, November 7, 2014


| I want to always be happy..people will see me always smiling and giggles's the true me..I love to be happy and laughing, simple ways to always be happy..even if you are alone ^^ |

  • Enjoy your own company. Embrace everything about you! without a doubt, it's the most important step towards being a happy person. 
  • Smiling releases serotonin in the brain, which instantaneously gives your mood a lift.

  • Shut the door and the windows tight, put on your favorite songs and let your voice ring ^^
  • Believe that something wonderful will happen for you today. the universe is waiting to shower happy blessing on you.
  • Research shows that people who are spiritual tend to be happier and healthier then those who are not.
  • We all make mistakes. none of us is perfect. forgive your imperfection, accept your faults and laugh.
  • Seven or eight hours each night should increase your energy and decrease moodiness.

  • Gratitude, the emotion of thankfulness, is one of the key ingredients for living a happy life. Make gratitude a habit and happiness will be yours.
  • Start the day off on a happy foot, with a happy thought. The morning hours are full of spiritual energy and prana (life force).
  • 20 minutes of sunlight per day improves mood and words of seasonal affection disorder (sad)
  • Think it, read it, sing it! "My happiness bring me more happiness"
  • Give yourself permission to pat yourself on the back. reconize your accomplishments and positive qualities.
  • Remembering that happiness is contagious, surround yourself with happy, positive people who share your values, goals and dreams.
  • Watching plants grow and thrive under your care is thrilling ^^ 
  • Each and every day sit awhile, without television, magazines, without the internet. Just be!
  • Set goals and then make plans to succeed and take action. Pursuing something we value always makes us happy.
  • Don't waste your precious time, energy or thoughts on something that is beyond your control. Let it go.
  • a 10-minute nap is all it takes to rejuvenate your spirit and get the happiness to flow.
  • Love who you are. Love what you are doing. Love the person you are with. Love your friends and your enemies too. Love! Love! Love! 

| Okay, here are few of know-how ways to be happy..I will try my best to follow those ways for me to stay happy and smile always.. weehoooo ^^ |