Tuesday, October 28, 2014

B*#%$ Please!!

| Some people need to be slapped on their face for being so bitchy and annoying..lol i know i'm not suppose to said such aggressive words but I can't help myself when some people are trying to go over the line and being so annoying and selfish |

| We in the office have our own group so called like cooking group which we will gathered around on Friday afternoon (rest time) to cook in the pantry..you know, just to eat together and help with saving too..every week we changed the menu..but we only cook simple dishes which not spread any uncomfortable smell in the office..if we decided to bring a little bit smelly food such as curry or anything, we will cook at home and bring it here..we will only cook here something like light-light food such as maggie goreng, poppia goreng something like that..we really enjoy it though..it's because of the food (because we are too bored with the foods from the canteen) and also because of the accompanies..eat and chit chat and laugh..and chill environment (dalam aircond kan? sejuk sikit) so, we enjoy it so much..sometimes, we invited who ever pass by the pantry and we became closer with other staff also..it's rest time afterall, we're not disturbing other people at all and just having some good time together |

| But there is one guy who can't stand our happiness, started to use his longkang mouth to talk bad about us, he told everyone and reported us for causing smell in the office because last friday we cooked poppia goreng..so, it's a little bit caused for smell but it's not bad smell though plus we cooked with the window open..and the smell will fly away after a while though..why so bitchy? if you want, come over and we will give you some..but don't being bitchy and spread bad words about us like that..so annoying with that kind of people..who do you think you are? even head of HR came to us last week and she didn't say anything..but you suddenly being bitchy around like that..heul~|

| Now, we decided to not cook anymore..no more happy time and we couldn't gather around every friday anymore..damn you mr.annoying-who-think-he's-good blerghhh..so nak muntah with you and your attitude.. |  

Monday, October 27, 2014


| Pernah tak dengar lagu najwa latif.."hilang" antar lirik yang aku ingat..."Aku ingin kau tahuDan sedar kewujudanku..
Aku inginkan kamu..
Lebih dari yang kau tahu..
Dan aku hilang, hilang..
Dari cintamu dari hidupmu..
Dari segala-galanya..
Dari cintamu dari hidupmu..
Dari segala-galanya..
Milikmu oh milikmu..
Dan mungkin kau takkan pernah sedari aku..
Dan mungkin kau takkan sedar kewujudanku..
Tapi ku ingin kau tahu..
Ku akan mencintaimu" |

| Lirik lagu ni seolah-olah menceritakan tentang perasaan yang diberikan kepada seseorang tetapi tidak pernah dihargai..sesudah sekian lama menunggu dan menanti perasaan itu dihargai, dirinya tersedar dan ingin berlalu pergi dan hilang..dengan harapan perasaan tersebut akan lebih dihargai..tapi dia akan terus hilang dan hilang..hilang dari segala-galanya..|

| Ini yang aku rasakan sekarang..seolah-olah aku ingin hilang dari segala-galanya dan pergi jauh..tiada apa untuk aku dan menghargai aku di sini..aku perlu menjaga hati semua orang tapi hati aku tercedera teruk tiada siapa tahu dan ingin ambil tahu..jadi jika aku hilang...rasanya tiada masalah kan? aku penat..sampai satu masa, aku rasakan seolah-olah aku hanya patung yang berada di bumi ini tanpa perasaan..hanya mengikut apa yang telah diaturkan setiap hari setiap masa setiap saat..tanpa perasaan..tiada tawa, hanya duka dan tekanan yang datang padaku setiap masa..jadi untuk apa aku terus ada di sini? jadi aku ingin hilang..mungkin jika aku hilang, di sana aku boleh tersenyum semula? mungkin aku lebih dihargai? mungkin aku temui cinta yang betul milikku? |

am i guilty?

| When I tried to say what i feel for someone's action, I will end up feel guilty afterwards..bila aku rasa pendapat aku betul, tiada siapa berani sokong..dan aku dibiarkan terkapai-kapai mencari jawapan sendiri..tapi bila bukan di depan orang yang aku berterus terang itu, semua berkata-kata bagai juara..apa semua ni? is it wrong for being honest and say what should I say? it's reality that I have to face or consequences that I have to take after all right? so is it wrong for me to say it? |

| Or should I just keep in silent and only nodding my head and mengiyakan sahaja apa yang bakal berlaku kepada kau in future..angguk-angguk, geleng-geleng camtu? tapi yang menghadapi nanti aku..yang pecah kepala nanti aku..yang stress sampai kena darah tinggi nanti aku..yang kena marah dan dimaki macam2 nanti aku..siapa nak tolong aku time tu? confirm takde sape-sape yang boleh tolong kan? |

| Jadi, like it or not..cuba la terima apa yang aku cakap..sebab selama ni aku diamkan bukan bermaksud aku mengiyakan semuanya..aku hanya malas nak bertekak..sebabnya kalau aku suarakan..haaa jadi camni la..tersentap segala..aku yang duk pendam je perasaan selama ni ni apa? bukan sentap lagi dah ni..sentap buaya dah..tunggu nak terkam je..heul~ |

| I don't have any intention to make people feel bad or what, but I feel betrayed and insecure..that's all, I want to work in peace and strengthen a good team work that we already have here, but why you keep on saying that you want to leave? I had enough with that you know? hmmmm..I don't know what to say anymore..it's up to you..you decide what you want to do with your life after all, I'm just extra unimportant person for you..so, yeah.. ~


| When things like today occurs in my work place..I tend to feel insecure and keep asking myself..should i give up and find other job or just stay here and accept all the works given to me? It's not happened for the first time but several time already..and I find it so annoying for me to face this situation..|

| I know that I'm doing something that not related with my qualification at all but for the sake of finding money to support my living (and of course my family) i took this job and just keep silent for what seems unfair for me all this time..I can say anything because I came here with that experience..like it or not I have to assist for the job (it's really irritated me to be honest) but i keep silent and do what i need to do..but what happened today was exceptional..when someone want to call it quit..and in order to fill the empty space that she left, it seems i will be the next person to hold the whole responsibilities (I don't want to!).. |

| I told them that if they force me to take the responsibilities, I will call it quit too..i know i'm not that important person in this company so they won't say anything if i quit..but for me, if you force me to do something that i don't want to, it's a burden for me..i'm not kind enough to face all those burden alone..and surprisingly, i don't get any support words from someone that I hope at least give me some nice hope..she instead keep saying that I should know the job and i will be forced by HR to do the job because I came here with that experiences stated on my resume..okay, so we are not a team now? when you say you want to go out of here, you tend to think only about yourself? okay, now i understand..heul ~ seems like this situation slapped me hard on the face right now..(crying out loud T.T) |

| So, what am i supposed to do now? nobody is here to give me a backup..it's only up to me myself how to deal with all this..it's hard to be me right? please give me answer..should I give up or stay? |

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Precious baby

| I just found out that Winner is an awesome group after suddenly listened to their single "Empty" i keep humming to the song unintentionally..and then, i feel like watching their mv..and it's indeed so cool and awesome..there 5 members in Winner..they are all so good looking and talented..their live performances are awesome^^ |

| B
ut among all the 5 members, my eyes catched only the one at the center in every their performance and later i found out that he is the leader and his name is Kang Seung Yoon..his voice is so WOW! it's like you can feel what's the message that he trying to deliver when he's singing..and later on, my little sister told me that he's already debut as a solo singer because he's participate in the reality singing show (superstar k2) but he was recruited as a trainee under YG since 2011 and this year, he debut as a group member of Winner..|

Kang Seung Yoon in Empty MV
| I don't know much about him apart from praising his voice and his cute smile..and I met mr.google to know about him..and it's written that he's from a single parents household..he was raised by his mother as his dad leave them since he's a kid..and he used to be a rebellious kid and start to be friend with bad kids..but one day when he saw his mother crying and drunk alone, he started to realize that he need to help his mother..then he went for the audition for superstar k2 and later he was accepted (i watched the audition video and he's awesome..he sang so well and play guitar) but he's only finishing in fourth place..but he's so fortunate when so many entertainment company wants to recruit him under their company but he chose to sign the contract with YG and he went for the training for about 3 years and then he's recruited to be in a group called Winner..he is a good kid..when he got many from his acting in drama and advertising (CF) he pay off all his mom's debt and started to save money to give to his mom and he told his mom to close the business that she run because he wants his mother to rest while he's working hard to help their family..he's a warm heart person..always positive..creative in composing songs and always be nice to other members..he is a leader but he also among the youngest but others listen to him very well..he can choose to debut as solo artist but he stick to be member of Winner..it's so nice about him..when others trained for their performance in the survival show Win : Who's Next..he's busy promoting his solo album but he did double work at a time..he went for solo promotion and practice for the member he worked so hard..and it's paid off when they won the competition and debut as a Winner and their album received well by others local and internationally..well done Kang Seung Yoon..I will support you from now on..|

| People will asked me why am I so obsessed with korean singer..okay let's me answer this, before I said I like that certain singer, I will make research about them first..and Kang Seung Yoon is a role model..he is a true idol if you ask me, he has so many talents yet he is so humble and he care for his mother and the other members and he worked hard to achieve his dreams..it's actually gives me inspiration in dealing with my daily life..when I feel down and nearly to give up, I will think about how they worked hard and everything will be paid off in the end that's give me support and spirit to stay calm, stronger and not give up..well, it's all up to yourself to do what you want to ..as for me, i have my own reason..people don't know and don't care about what I have been through and what problem I'm facing nowadays..but watching and reading about this 20 years old kid made me realize that if we work hard, love our family we get better, feel better and all is well..I know Kang Seung Yoon will have a bright future..i hope he can stay be humble like now even after he got all the spotlight and praise, I hope he will continue to work hard and be a good in fact great leader for other members and Winner...Winner fighting!!^^| 

Empty by Winner

Empty by Winner

My reflection in the mirror
Is so empty, as if there’s nothing there
I walk alone on the street
But this empty street feels so empty
Da ra dat dat dat dat dat dat
Baby don’t worry
After waking up from the dream that was you
This morning of reality feels so empty
As I face the morning, I realize once again
What wakes me up is not you but an alarm bell

Why is this damn bed so big?
In my vast desert of a heart, only a cold wind blows
I’m an empty shell, a coward without you
People around me look at me with pity
It kills me, no what a day
Before starting my day, without thinking I saw…

My reflection in the mirror
(There’s no smile on my face)
Is so empty, as if there’s nothing there
I walk alone on the street
But this empty street feels so empty
(It’s quiet just like my heart)
Da ra dat dat dat dat dat dat
Baby don’t worry
After waking up from the dream that was you
This morning of reality feels so empty
(My heart feels so empty)

It’s over, my love
Where are you?
Now we are just a memory
I was happy, don’t forget me, let’s meet again
Good days and sad days
Hard days and happy days
Now it becomes memories of the past
The me and you of the past are now over
It’s like I came back to reality
My reason to live is gone, my head is complicated
When I open my eyes in the morning, my heart feels empty
I feel the emptiness, just like I did before I met you

My reflection in the mirror
(There’s no smile on my face)
Is so empty, as if there’s nothing there
I walk alone on the street
But this empty street feels so empty
(It’s quiet just like my heart)
Da ra dat dat dat dat dat dat
Baby don’t worry
After waking up from the dream that was you

This morning of reality feels so empty
(My heart feels so empty)
It’s over, my love
Where are you?
Now we are just a memory
I was happy, don’t forget me, let’s meet again
You still flicker before me when I close my eyes
But I’ll feel less and less as time goes by
I don’t regret it, I’m just a bit sad
I don’t miss you, I just long for you
I’m more and more afraid because I’m not like myself before
(There’s no smile on my face)
I’m scared to see myself getting weaker
(It’s quiet just like my heart)
Without you, even the air around me is heavy
(Da ra da ra ra ra ra dat)
After waking up from the dream that was you
This morning of reality 

It’s over (it’s over)
My love, where are you? (Where are you?
Now we are
Just a memory, I was happy (I was happy)
Don’t forget me (don’t forget me)
Let’s meet again

| I personally really love this song..first time listening to it I already can humming along and it's so catchy..and the voices and the music is so catchy..really loved this song..well done Winner! I'm a new fan ^^|
ugly sobbing listening to this song

Monday, October 20, 2014

Free and Easy

| Last weekend I went to Gambang, Kuantan together with other colleagues for team building..it's only for us to having fun and rest from work even it's for only 2 days and 1 night..it's arranged by corporate team but i ni menyibuk jugak untuk meramaikan crowd kan..? hehehe lupakan sekejap tugas menghantar dan mengambil adik pergi dan pulang kerja..kekekeke..(I need retreat for myself also maaa) |
leaving all those miserable days behind..annyeong.. ^^
| Okay, so..we started the journey from KD at aroun 9 a.m and arrived at the hotel at 12.00 p.m we checked-in and went to the water park..had our lunch and we gathered at the swimming pool for water game.. for water game, we were divided into three groups and we played 3 games and it was fun..even though we are not too close with each other and we don't even know each other's name but through this game, we slowly getting know with each other..kekekkeee..and after that everyone was given free and easy time at the water park so everyone went to play the fun slide water game but me? hahaha i just rest and sleep in the gazebo reserved for us because of suddenly attached migrain (maybe because of the late lunch or riding on the bus for the long distance) so, i can't do anything and just rest there while waiting for others.. T.T|

Crying out loud..can't play games..migrain please go away.. T.T
| After changed our clothes to the dry one, we went back to hotel and prepared ourselves for the dinner..we went to the safari park..we ate accompanying with two white lion..roarrrr!! haha it's quite scary because while we had our dinner, the lion was wandering around like looking for it's dinner too..wait, we are not your dinner meal okay? hahaha but i was so amazed when seeing them in front of my eyes for real because they both are too big and this while, only watched them on tv (national geographic) hahaha..and we took memorial photos there..and after that we moved to the studio to watch tarzan show and fire show..it's was awesome! for those who planning for family vacation, you should come here..your kids will like it!! and..we went to jungle walk..there are few types for mouse, fox, ferret and other animals for us to see..and we went to souvenir shopping ^^|
watching the real big white lion like.. lol ^^
| And....after that we back to our hotel..and for the last activity, there's karaoke session..everyone loves to sing right? so, we had so much fun singing and dance together..lol and after that, everyone went back to hotel and called it a night..turn off all light and zzzzzzz |
our karaoke session maybe look like this with all those talented singer..lol ^^
| It's 7.30 in the morning and i just woke up and then we were preparing for breakfast..we enjoy the meals and then changed our clothes and went swimming at the swimming pool..(weeeehooooo!!) we played games and then, we back to hotel, washed and packing and checked out from hotel..we had lunch later and then we off to Kuantan..at Kuantan we went to shop few local food like keropok lekor, keropok ikan, ikan masin, and other food..and then, we off back to KL and I sleep all the way home..kekekekek...for conclusion, it was a good trip and i feel free and fresh to face another busy week..if there's another trip i will definitely join again..lol ^^|

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Let's Stay This Way Forever

| He suddenly came and told me that he's being looking for me since we broke up but couldn't find me and just now we are able to meet again..and he said he's still has those same feeling for me..and just then, he said that he's already married and has a son..well,  congratulations then..it's your rezeki..and I decided to stay away..don't want to have any relation anymore because I'm afraid of disturbing other's happiness...so I stop myself from reply or respond to his sms/wechat but he still keep on give me sms/wechat..but I just ignoring it..I hope by doing this, he will understand..and stop thinking about me and let me go and go back to his family and focus more on them..it's the best for him to do and for me too...|

| Sometimes, love require sacrifices..maybe we still have those lovey dovey feeling but..it's all about time..it's time for him and his family..time for me and him..it's all gone..just let it be only memories..or maybe we should fading the memories away..as it's not important anymore..just don't neglect others because of me..that's my only request..I will always remember you as the best person I ever closed with..I'm happy to see you happy..but it's time for me to focus on my..emmmm my food? lol ^^|

You Are Not Any Better

| Hampir setiap kali aku log in to fb, ade je post2 yang berupa tak puas hati terhadap orang lain keluar dari kau..seolah-olah semua yang orang lain buat tak betul pada kau..semua yang orang lain buat (post or share something on fb) buat kau rasa annoying..seolah-olah kau sahaja yang betul..ada kau tanya orang lain apa orang rasa bila tengok post2 kau? mungkin orang lain pon rasa begitu tapi tak pernah suarakan..alahh come on man! biasalah manusia kan...masing-masing ada pendapat, selera, pendirian tentang sesuatu..tak semestinya kau kena suka dengan semua yang orang buat begitu juga sebaliknya..so, tak yah nak meroyan sangat kat fb sebab kau annoying ngan post orang lain..kalau tak suka sangat unfollow..atau tak yah bukak langsung fb..memang semua orang sedia maklum most of the crap things come from fb tapi kau duk ngadap jugak benda tu siang malam..pastu kau nak meroyan..apa kes? sendiri mau ingatlah..kau duk mengata orang itu ini semua tak kena semua tak betul, you are not any better..entah2 lagi teruk..hmmmm fikir-fikirkanlah..kita hidup bermasyarakat..sepatutnya dengan profession yang kau pegang tu kau lebih memahami tapi sebaliknya..hahah ironi.. ^^|

I'm Out

| Don't really care if it's Luhan's fault or SM's mistreated him which leads him to do such action..(filled a lawsuit and leaving EXO) I just want to out from care too much..it's really not fair..to us..who always waiting and support them but suddenly we received news about him going away and not being part of the EXO anymore..I don't know EXO if there's no Luhan..so, I'm out..don't want to care anymore..annyeong!! ^^|

He's gone

Source : http://www.soompi.com/

According to the Seoul Central District Court on October 10, Luhan filed for the nullification of his exclusive contract with SME on this day at around 9 a.m. (KST). It is the exact same lawsuit that Kris (Wu Yi Fan) filed for earlier this year, and it is being reported that the same law firm that took on Kris’s case will also be handling Luhan’s lawsuit.

Luhan is reportedly seeking to verify the invalidity of his contract. If the court determines the ineffectiveness of the contract between the EXO member and SME, it will result in the contract not having existed at all from the beginning.

SM Entertainment has yet to release an official statement on this matter.

SM Entertainment has released an official statement on EXO Luhan’s recent lawsuit against the agency.

They said, “He [Luhan] had expressed that he wanted to focus on individual activities in China rather than moving as a group with EXO due to health issues, and we were in the middle of discussing his future activities, so this sudden lawsuit is puzzling.”

“However, seeing that, just as in the case with Kris, Luhan filed for a lawsuit with the same law firm in the same way without reason makes us think that after gaining popularity with the group, he is now prioritizing his own personal benefit with disregard for those affected by the termination of his contract. Moreover, it seems that there is a behind-the-scenes influence.”
“Regarding this situation, we plan to take thorough action with international partners and legal experts. And we would like to state that EXO activities will all proceed as planned.”

Reports Reveal Luhan’s Reasons behind Lawsuit, Statements from Representative and Friend of Luhan

Chinese media outlet Sina recently reported on an interview with Luhan’s best friend, in which he revealed what he thinks Luhan’s reasons for the lawsuit are against SM Entertainment.

The friend stated, “To be honest, I didn’t know Luhan would make a decision as sudden as this. Recently, Luhan has been suffering from migraines and sleeping problems. He even had to miss an EXO concert, receiving care from his family in Beijing.”

“Being abroad for a long time, Luhan barely had any time to spend with his parents. His agency was very strict with vacation, and even when he had no work, he was unable to receive permission to go home. After visiting home this last time, I think he wanted to be there for his more elderly family members.”

Korean media also received a statement from a representative of Luhan, who stated that one of the reasons behind the lawsuit is the discriminatory treatment of EXO-M versus the treatment of EXO-K.
The report quotes the source’s statement, saying, “There is a lot of restriction on their private lives, and they even are treated differently when getting permission for vacation. After signing their contract in May of 2010, they underwent severe training until their debut in April 2012, going for an average of 10 hours a day, and during this time, they did not receive any financial aid.”

The source stated that due to stress of training and anxiety, Luhan is suffering from various health issues, and that even following EXO’s debut, they don’t have freedom with individual activities and their manager is constantly with them monitoring and restricting what they do.

Adik! Fighting!

| This week my beloved adik bongsu is sitting for PT3 exam..(previously known as PMR) it's writing exam for all subjects..hemmm..hopefully he do his best la for this exam..I don't know what's going on because I'm not there to see him everyday but I know that my lovely adik is a good boy and I pray for him to always be good and healthy and happy always..adik do your best okay..? fighting!! ^^ |

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Eid Al-Adha (Hari Raya Haji 2014)

| Tahun ni seperti juga tahun-tahun2 sebelumnya sejak tahun 2013 aku memang tak balik kampung untuk raya haji..sebabnya...nak tau apa sebabnya? sebabnya..satu sebab cuti da habis dan cuti umum untuk raya haji pon tak banyak..jadi untuk orang yang kampung jauh cam aku ni, agak susah sikit nak balik kalau xde cuti..lagi satu sebab jalan jem..mengikut tinjauan aku melalui post rakan2 fb yang balik kampung, jem yang amat teruk..jadi aku rasa tidak mengapalah jika aku tidak pulang ke kampung masa hari raya haji tempoh hari..lagi satu sebab adik aku yang laki ni keje..aku kan da jadi driver dia skang..pegi amek dan hantar die pi keje..jadi, aku tak boleh balik..kalau aku balik tinggalkan kereta kat dia kang entah ke mana-mana panjang lah langkah dia nanti..eh tak boleh..tak boleh..pastu lagi satu..aku nak amek masa untuk rehat badan dan minda..bagi aku, tak tau la orang lain..tapi bagi aku, aku boleh amek cuti pada hari lain untuk balik kampung jumpa ma abah dan adik..tak semestinya hari raya je..lagipun aku ni jenis tak boleh tahan la kalau jalan jem..tak berapa nak bersabar sangat..jadi eloklah aku beraya di sini aje dong..|
| Walaupun tak balik kampung, raya tetap raya okay? malam raya mak busy jugak sama je kalau kat kampung..mak sorang je yang tukang masak juadah sebab my mother busy kat kedai..jadi aku lah yang mengerahkan adik2 untuk kemas rumah..dan aku yang busy kat dapur sorang2..sama la jugak masa malam raya haji haritu..aku plan ngan Ms. Fashion Icon sebab dia ngan family pon tak balik raya kat kampung..jadi kami plan nak raya sama-sama..dia masak rendang ayam tua..aku lak masak nasi impit dan kuah kacang..first time ever aku belajar buat kuah kacang..apelagi gi jumpa en.google la jap kan..kekekkeke..nasib baik menjadi dan licin dorang makan..bangga mak..!! pastu kat tempat aku duduk ni..dorang pon ada buat acara korban..7 ekor lembu dan 3 ekor kambing untuk korban dan akikah..meriah kan? aku rasa lagi meriah dari kampung aku kot..?  tapi aku tak pegi la tengok acara korban tu..duk umah lagi best..muahahahaha..|

| So, pagi tu dalam 7.30 a.m kitorang ke surau untuk solat sunat aidiladha..alhamdulillah ramai jugak warga penduduk tempat aku tinggal tu yang tak pulang ke kampung rupanya..ramai yang dah bermastautin kat sini kot..lepas solat sunat tu, kami pulang ke rumah..aku siapkan juadah..panaskan kuah kacang dan potong nasi impit..pastu Ms. Fashion Icon turun bersama family nya..kemudian apa lagi kami menjamu selera..sambil makan tu rasa cam nak nangis pon ade sob..sob..yelah orang lain ngan family aku di perantauan..nasib baik ade adikku sama..dan Ms.Fashion Icon dan family..jadi takdelah aku rasa lonely sangat kan..? lol..lepas makan suami dan anak teruna Ms. Fashion Icon pergi tengok dan tolong acara korban..lepas Ms.Fashion Icon dan anak dara dia pulang, aku dan adik the diva, berpandangan sesama sendiri..dan dengan pantas kami menyusup masuk ke dalam bilik tidur..on air cond..and zzzzz..hahaha buruk perangai anak dara..pastu bangun je tidur dengar orang ketuk pintu..ada orang datang hantar daging..alhamdulillah..ada juga rezeki kami..walaupon tak pergi bergotong royong..ish ish..pastu called ma sembang2 ngan ma jap..pastu sambung makan lagi..mak aiiii!! hahahaha so, camtu la satu hari kami pada hari raya aidil adha..sekurang-kurangnya ada la jugak sambutannya..kan? Alhamdulillah ^^ |

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sakit lagi.. T.T

| Actually lebih kurang dalam masa seminggu kebelakangan ini aku rasa sakit kepala kat bahagian belakang belah kanan sekali dengan leher aku rasa tegang dan sakit...sampai nak tidur pon tak boleh..berdenyut2 cam kena cucuk ngan jarum..kejap kat kepala belakang kejap kat atas..sampaikan aku kena urut sebelum dapat tidur..itupun rasa cam tidur tak nyenyak..terjaga tengah-tengah malam pastu bangun pagi terus rasa sakit berdenyut-denyut kat belakang kepala..|

| Pastu aku mengadu la kat senior exect kat sini..dia suh aku pi check doctor..kot2 ada darah tinggi..mak ai..seriau aku dengar pasal darah tinggi..risau la jugak aku..kotnya dibuat aku mmg ada darah tinggi tak pasal2 kena makan ubat darah tinggi banyak2..choi!! mintak jauh la penyakit2 kronik camtu..tak nak la..dan dengan keberanian yang dibuat2 sedikit tu aku pergi la klinik..first time check memang darah aku tinggi 143 kata doctor tapi dia try check dengan alat lain..3 kali dia check siap check nadi semua..memang teliti la doctor baru ni..then, dia cakap aku punye darah 139 xde darah tinggi lagi..tapi kena berjaga-jaga kurangkan minum coffee, tidur dalam posisi yang betul..bantal jangan tinggi sangat..jangan makan ajinomoto..heul!! mana aku nak tau orang tu letak ajinomoto ke tak kalau aku beli kat kedai..banyak betul kena pantang ni..pastu doctor bagi ubat pain killer dan ubat untuk relax muscle..so lepas lunch semalam aku terus makan ubat..and alhamdulillah da okay..hilang sakit..semalam pon makan ubat sebelum tidur..terus tidur nyenyak takde dah rasa sakit..tapi pagi ni nak bangun gi keje badan rasa  berat sangat..da bersin2 cam nak kena selesema..tapi gagahkan diri jugak ke office..takpela belum terusk sangat pon sakit ni..harap2 la tak melarat jadi demam ke ape..tapi syukurla sebab xde penyakit2 yang teruk..pasni kena makan sayur, buah dan jogging..tapi errrr bila nak start tu..kekekeke malasnyeee |