Friday, June 27, 2014

Wahai Gaji

| Wahai encik gaji..boleh tak kau ni semenggah sikit..kenapala selalu nak bagi aku sakit jantung dan tekanan darah tinggi..hahahah..aku sedih ni wahai encik gaji..kenapa kemut sangat kau nak membiak supaya lebih sikit angka aku tu..pastu aku boleh la senyum dan menari-nari riang sikit bila aku tengok kau.. (sedih memikirkan encik gaji T.T) |

Angkat angkat

| Pagi ni menolong seniour exect angkut buah kurma dalam 25 kotak untuk diagihkan ke pejabat-pejabat kementerian..kesian kami..takde staf lelaki dalam department (except for boss) so, bab angkut mengangkut barang-barang tak kira la documents ke file ke, barang2 untuk dibawa ke kementerian ke apa-apa sahaja tak kira ringan atau berat, kena sendiri bawa la..kudrat kami kaum hawa ni terpaksa digunakan sepenuhnya..tak kira kau junior ke senior ke kena buat sendiri..macam harini nilah..angkut 25 kotak buah kurma..satu kotak sama dengan 5kg..perghhh..imagine angkat satu pek beras seberat 5kg..tu pon da camtu la lebih kurang keadaan aku pagi tadi..tapi takpela niat tolong orang kan? ehehee..point kat sini ialah, kami memerlukan lebih staff kalau boleh lelaki..kami yang gugurls ni serious tak larat la..huhu..|

muka penat lepas angkat T.T
| Bila dalam lif tu, ada la seseorang (umur lebih kurang 55-60 plus) tiba-tiba bertanya buat apa bawak troli ni (masa tu aku tolak troli) aku jawab la nak mengangkut barang..dan secara tiba-tiba dia cakap "bukan angkut, angkat!" okay..dalam kepala aku duk terfikir ayat bahasa melayu yang betul..selama ni aku guna je perkataan angkut tu bagi mengekspresskan bahawa aku sedang mengangkat barang2 yang berat..ahahha aku pon tak sure la aku punya perkataan tu betul ke tak tapi tiba-tiba terjumpa "cikgu bahasa melayu" dalam lif pulak terus kena kasih cikgu.. ^^| 

| So, bulan Ramadhan da dekat..around the corner..harini dan esok je ada masa untuk makan banyak2 waktu tengah hari..lepas tu da puasa..makan waktu malam je la lepas ni..haha..tapi aku happy bila Ramadhan datang..rasa cam meriah semacam je..insyaAllah akan lipat gandakan amalan tahun ni..insyaAllah ^^ |

Monday, June 23, 2014


| Kerja banyak tapi takde mood nak buat kerja..camane tu? baru je bukak file untuk siapkan kerja..terus mata rasa mengantuk la..perut rasa lapar la..kepala teringatkan mr.little prince la..macam-macam rasa ada..kenapa tak boleh fokus ni? please la..kerja sangat banyak dan deadline dan dekat ni..come on jojet! bersemangat sikit! |

yess, sila bersemangat like these adorable young guys ^^

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Never Look Back

| What happened in the past should stay in the past..never look back..even though you will feel like a little bit regret or guilty or some kind of awkward feeling but just realize that nothing you can do to undo what had happened..that past should be a reminder for you for not repeating the same mistake and to be a better person in the and more looking back.. ^^ |

Do not chase

| Be yourself, because being fake in order to make others to like you is not something that will last day people will realize who you really are..unless if you don't mind living with fake people then, it's okay for you to do for me, I don't want to..I'm tired of trying hard to please everyone and act like what others want me to be..I want to be myself..take it or leave it.. ^^ |

Not Too Much

| "The less you care, the happier you will be" - Stopping myself from all unnecessary dramas out there and less care about all of those bull$%*@ because I want to be being too nice and overly care about other people and their words would make you yeah ^^ |


| Indeed..honestly, I'm that type of person..I can't easily make friend because I need to find some chemistry to be close with someone except for business or work..for friend, I have to have that click-ing feels to comfortable with..if not, it would be's happened quite several times to, those who I can't click well, I just don't really care about them..sorry for that but maybe we don't suit each other..and it can't be force..uhuh no judging!...heee ^^ |

Today's Breaking News : Dating Rumours

Source :

EXO’s Baekhyun and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon reported to be dating

Media outlet "dispatch" has dropped quite the news today as they have unleashed their exclusive report pertaining to an alleged relationship between sm entertainment.

Media outlet “Dispatch” has dropped quite the news today as they have unleashed their exclusive report pertaining to an alleged relationship between SM Entertainment artists EXO“s Baekhyun and Girls” Generation“s Taeyeon!

“Dispatch” says that the two have been dating for 4 months now in the utmost secrecy. It”s said the reporters from the media outlet first spotted them while EXO was practicing for their first concert. It”s said Taeyeon provided moral support for the exhausted Baekhyun, who had to spend nights practicing due to the group”s redoing of their choroegraphy and recording with Kris”s lawsuit.

Taeyeon headed towards Baekhyun”s dorm and picked him up at a discreet location and enjoyed a date in the car. It”s said “Dispatch” spotted them on several dates including before the concert as well as after the concert on the 26th and on the 28th before Girls” Generation”s leave for Japan. Baekhyun would also meet Taeyeon near her dorm as well.

An insider apparently revealed, “Baekhyun picked Taeyeon as his ideal type as he was debuting, and Taeyeon found it cute… The two showed their interest in each other towards the latter half of last year, and started to date officially this February.”

Here's Pictures as a proof ^^ :

| My personal thoughts regarding this news : Actually I'm not surprise at all because we all (Exo fans) knew that Baek is SNSD number one fan since before he's debute..and he also used to say that SNSD Taeyeon is his ideal type..and I think they could make a cute couple..come on! look at them..super duper cutie, I'm happy for them..Baekhyun is a cutie, funny guy who doesn't like him right? and as for Taeyeon (I don't really know much about her) but as for being one of k-pop fans, I knew that lot of idols said that Taeyeon is their ideal, there's no surprise if they are really dating..I support them..and honestly they need someone special to be with him especially when they faced hard time like what Baek's facing right now..(regarding Kris's issue) and also to support him (for his musical and concerts) so, Baek's fans all over the world..face it..idols need loves too..please be a good fans..always support them and be nice to them..okay? congratulations Baekhyun and Taeyeon ^^ |

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Actor Lu

EXO's Luhan has begun filming for Chinese movie 'Twenties Once Again' (or 'Mid-Twenties'), which is known as the Chinese version of the Korean movie, 'Miss Granny.'

According to a report made by Sina, Luhan arrived in Tianjin on June 17 and entered filming for the movie, which began earlier this month. On the same day, Luhan had written on his SNS, "Fighting! Mid-twenties," and added a shot of the script, confirming he has indeed started to really engage himself in the production. 

Luhan said in relation to his first movie filming, "I asked the director to teach me a lot. I will work hard as a rookie." 

The romantic-comedy movie, set to premiere in winter, portrays a grandmother in her seventies who suddenly finds herself in her twenties again. Within the film, Luhan plays the grandson of the female lead. Make sure to check it out to see his acting skills!

Source :

Luhan posted this image on his instagram with caption "Jiayou, fighting!!"

(Exo Member, Tao posted supportive words for Luhan on his weibo account)

140617 Tao’s Weibo Bio Update
Your first work, your first taste (acting), you’re representing us EXO. Fighting Luhan, you’re great~ Hurry and finish filming so you can come back.

| When I read about the news, I was the most happiest person in the world..smiling ear to ear because I'm so happy that my first k-pop bias will debute as an actor in the film.  Not drama but,'s gonna be awesome..I really want to see him acting after he acted in the exo teaser drama and he looked, he will good look in the film..can't wait to watch though!! actor Lu fighting!! good your best..we are always supporting you actor Lu ^^ |

Never Give Up

|'s a shocking news that someone is still looking for me..errr through my friends..asking about me, about my life..about do i have someone in my life already or not..and so on..hmmmm..never give up eh? good fighting spirit! should be complimented..haha.. ^^ |

thank you so much(clap clap) ^^
| I am really appreciate the efforts. But, hmmm how to be honest..I've been thinking about this too..since you showed your interest even though I don't respond to any of your sms and your private message, but you still looking for a chance to communicate to me and always questioning about my's good though..who else would pay attention to me like you do right? but hmmmm as for now, all I can say is, I don't see any good in future for us..maybe it's me who's afraid to accept anyone in my life right, yeah..maybe one day, I can open my heart and my mind to accept someone..who knows right? so, for now, the answer is no..I'm so sorry ^^ |


| Semalam dapat whatsapp msg from mr.super dupper bubbly..yela da agak lama tak jumpa dia..selalu tu every weekend ade je aktiviti untuk lepak dan gelak-gelak bersama..sekarang ni..rumah sewa aku agak jauh..pastu commitment banyak ngan adik-adik, keje,, agak terbatas la sikit aktiviti bersama rakan-rakan sekalian..da cam gaya merajuk da kawan aku sorang ni merujuk kepada ayat-ayat dia dalam whatsapp semalam..heheheh..bukan niat aku untuk tidak berjumpa rakan-rakan yang disayangi sebenarnya..banyak kekangan sejak akhir-akhir ini..harap2 mereka faham ^^ | 

lol ^^ I like the caption..yes, life is so hard to cope to every single thing ^^
| To mr.supper dupper bubbly..we will meet soon ok? thank you for asking about are always a caring person that I know..I won't forget you okay? you are the bestest friend that I have..wait for it, I will meet you soon..soon ^^ | 

I catwalk-ing to meet you soon my ^^

Monday, June 16, 2014


| Harini attended Training for Microsoft Word 2010 (intermediate), daebak!! rupa-rupanya banyak function yang boleh digunakan untuk create macam2 dengan hanya menggunakan MSWord 2010 ni..haha baru tau.. ^^ |

| Baguslah..da dapat tambah ilmu mengenai MSWord 2010 ni..tapi sekarang ni tahap nak explore balik sendiri functions yang ada..dan practice sendiri..kalau tak, nanti lupa lak apa yang dipelajari satu hari gak gi training ni..dapat lari kejap dari keje rutin yang agak membuatkan pening kepala kadang2 tu kan? tapi esok da kembali ke realiti..bersedialah untuk pening ^^ |
apapun, hidup haruslah sentiasa ceria..kan? kan? ^^

Friday, June 13, 2014

Not me

| Harini bukak facebook (da tak dapat notification through fon sebab da unsubscribe sbb fb apps sangat mendatangkan masalah pada fon aku) so, bukak dekat pc je ade like 3 notification..bila bukak ade gambar lama tahun 2010 kalau tak silap..we went to so called celebrate new year dekat kawasan air terjun la lebih kurang..masa tu memang drama gile..tapi malas da nak aku pelik la nape gambar2 tu dicomment kembali kan? so aku dengan tidak fikir panjang comment kat photo tu ("kenapa comment gambar lama ni") dengan tak malu nya..pastu tengok notification seterusnya, dorang comment kat gambar lain(gambar lama jugak)...ohhh rupa-rupanya dorang ada berchat among them..maybe ada group dorg sendiri..maybe mengimbau kenangan lama..and mungkin tak terniat untuk buat aku tau tapi aku pon tertagged jugak pada gambar tu dan secara tidak langsung aku pon dapat pon semangat pegi comment..haha memang tak malu aku ni..tapi tak pela..nothng harm pon..ehehe ^^ |


| Harini keluar lunch dengan rakan-rakan office..(Mrs.Fashion Icon with her kids, Mrs.Just-Came-Back-From-Honeymoon with her sister, Mrs.I-Just-Bought-A-New-Car, Mrs.I-Need-To-Taking-Care-Of-That-Old-Man, Mrs.I-Want-To-Meet-My-Hubby, Ms.I-Love-Someone-Behind-The-Glass-Door) and me..hahaha..(phewww..tried so hard to make their nickname) bukan nama sebenar..haha..okay, so we went to Nasi Ayam Warisan at Seksyen 6 Kota Damansara..dan suasananya punya la panas..ya Allah..panas bahang rasa cam nak terbakar kulit muka..tapi sebab lapar nak makan nasi ayam dan nak minum air kelapa sedap..kami semua buat tatau je la..tahan je panas..haha..padahal muka masing-masing da umpama udang kena panggang..menahan panas..aku pulak..sebab aku pakai cardigans harini cover t-shirt yang aku pakai tu jadi dua kali ganda panas la kan..adui..dalam hati aku tak sempat nak menikmati nasi ayam dan air kelapa sedap tu..yang aku tau nak cepat habis makan nak keluar dari situ..panas ya amat..tak dapat tahan.. |
Kai : Sehunna, can I borrow you fan? Sehun: Nope! 
| Ada terbaca artikel pasal el-nino yang melanda Malaysia dari bulan Jun ni hingga bulan Ogos nanti..memang sekarang ni badan berpeluh je la..malam2 tengah tidur pon berpeluh..adui..dugaan semua tu..baru panas dunia..belum panas api neraka lagi..adui..insaf la sekejap camni..tak tahan la kalau sampai bulan Ogos panas kering camni.. |

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The language

| Lol Luhan, obviously there's different language between Korean and Chinese..haha...Luhan Please..but his face after he answered is so cute..heheeheh ^^ |

Yes you can

| Yes, of course you can assume all you want about me from what you see but trust me, it's not like what you think, at all..never assume anything..if you want to know, simple right? |

Enjoy the silence

| Keep calm, enjoy the silence and appreciate all the lovely things/person around you ^^ |

Complete the Soul

| Sweetness overload ^^ : "Only one thing can make a soul complete, and that thing is love" | 


Source :

Senyum je

| Haritu terbaca balik semua catatan aku kat blog ni sejak tahun 2010..wah, rasa cam baru je buat blog ni..tapi sebenarnya da nak masuk 5 tahun..haha..rasa kelakar pula bila baca coretan zaman-zaman muda dulu..segala macam perkara da jadi kan..dari encik atas talian..encik prince charming..encik senyuman manis..semua ada..hehe..tapi itu semua cerita lama..aku pon penat duk fikir siapalah tuan empunya diri yang aku used to gave them that nickname tu..haha macam-macam la kan..dulu punya la perasaan berbunga-bunga sakura jatuh berguguran kan?tengok beg die pon boleh buat tak tidur malam..kekekekek..tapi sekarang..kat mana entah hilang terbang da perasaan's all about time kan? sekarang..bila encik atas talian tegur pon buat tak heran je..da takde apa-apa perasaan pelik kan.. |

| Tapi tak regret sikit pon..itu semua pengalaman..mematangkan least masa depan kalau ada perkara seperti itu jadi, boleh la bertenang dan jadikan rujukan perkara yang lepas tu supaya tak sakit lagi..kalau dibaling batu pon, insyaAllah boleh mengelak..entah-entah batu yang aku elak tu terkena orang kat belakang pulak..hehe.. |

| Orang yang tak berada kat tempat kita, selalunya susah nak faham apa yang kita rasa, sama juga, bile kita tak berada kat tempat orang, kita pon tak faham apa yang mereka, terpulang kepada diri sendiri je bagaimana untuk menghadapi..bagaimana untuk jaga hati..bagaimana untuk bangkit semula lepas jatuh..bagaimana untuk ubat bila luka terkena batu..bagaimana untuk tersenyum semula bila encik atas talian offline..hidup penuh dengan cabaran dan dugaan kan? bukan kita je ..semua manusia kat dunia ni mesti akan menghadapi dugaan dan cabaran..jadi tak perlu la nak down sangat kalau ditimpa masalah..senyum, tarik nafas dalam-dalam, minum coffee, fikirkan cara terbaik untuk selesaikan masalah..jika fikir buntu sangat sampai tak boleh fikir, tidur sekejap..lama pon tak apa..sampai rasa okay..then, fikir semula..solat 5 waktu jangan tinggal..mohon pertolongan dariNya..insyaAllah semua masalah ada cara untuk diselesaikan..kena positif and optimist..itu je jawapan, untuk peringatan diri aku sendiri lah..sebab kadang2 aku ni senang terpengaruh..terpengaruh dengan emosi dan kata hati..sebab tu sentiasa ingatkan diri sendiri harus sentiasa positif..barulah sentiasa ceria, tenang, cantik jelita persis pelakon korea..kekekeek ^^ |


| Run run far away..there's been few reason for me to walk away.. 1) I had enough of all the dramas 2) I'm tired to please everybody 3) I'm not as good as them..(lack of so many things) 4) commitment and responsibilities towards my little sister 5) Too tired with office job 6) Too much noise to be handle 7) Tired of repeating the same thing, same issue, same behavior 7) I need my own time to think about my life yeah, there's few reasons for that..but it's all about myself..I just don't fit the crowd..maybe my personality or my principal or my social skills not suit them's just me trying to be myself..that's all ^^ | 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bye Bye

| Tomorrow night my little baby wolf will going back holiday almost over so he need to go home..go back to school.. T.T ..I'm all alone again..bye bye adik..gonna miss you..will meet you again..insyaAllah when I'm going back to our hometown..okay? |

| For almost two weeks spend his time here, he sometimes acts like an abang to me..he's so caring and dependable..I am so touched that my little adik who I used to feed him and babysit him since he was born has grown up to be a friend-like adik..if I used to talk to him about cartoon character like ben ten then, but now, all he wants to talk about is football..always watch sports channel at home and he knows everything about football more that I time flies so fasts..It seems like lot of things I need to learn about my own little brother..and the sweetest things I feel these few days when you ate well foods that I cooked for you..I'm sorry I can't do that often since we are apart..but I did cooked all with my heart for my favorite little brother..and when you ate all the foods, I feel so happy ^^ |

| Gonna miss you miss little baby wolf..take care always and study hard..I know you can do are smart sister like brother, right? should be thankful to have a nice noona like me..emmm it's okay you can thanks me are such a good kid you know? you know that i love you the most right? good boy see you again later baby ^^ |