Saturday, March 22, 2014


"Ty, aku nak tanya mu ada ke aku berhutang yang belum bayar? kalau ada cakap tau? kot2 aku tak ingat...aku nak mintak maaf ngan mu kalau aku ada buat mu terasa hati selama kita berkawan ni...mana tau kot2 mu ada simpan dalam hati kata2 atau perbuatan aku dulu..aku mintak maaf la..halalkan makan minum aku ye..I miss u" 

I received those message from my was so sudden and it's so random..i was so shocked...because we really seldom see each other since I study and work here and we only can meet each other during hari, that random message a little bit put me in shocked mode..

Because I'm not really a good friend..always can't find time to call her, talk to her and sometimes forgot about her..because I always forgot about a person who used to close with me..I don't know why..when we are in the distance and I can't find much time to care about other people except my own family...but..I'm still searching for a better me...I miss my bff too and hopefully she's fine and always be in the good health and always happy insyaAllah ^^

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kkaebsong ~

  •  I only know about this "Kkaebsong" when I watched Exo's funny..but it's kinda addictive..but only to myself when nobody around me are really interested with K-Pop..but It's ok's fun to learn a new thing right? hehe ^^ 

Kkaebsong :
[TRANS] Baekhyun’s explaining about the meaning of his trend word 'kkaebsong”

Baek: Many people are curious about what "kkaebsong" is.
Baek: From the word "akkabda" means such a pity, when you feel regretful = kkaeb. "
Baek: Saying the word akkabda in an annoying/cheeky way, "akkaebda".
Baek: "akkeabda aekkaebda kkabda kkab kkabsong"
(Keeps saying it and you get kkaebsong)
Baek: When you say something funny but it's not interesting "Hey is it fun? No ok..."kkaebsong" (In an bit of a disappointed tone)
Baek: When you want to say sorry, "kkaebsong"

| Hehe..Byun Baekhyun..he's so cute right? I don't that he's such a cute and funny guy but when i watched Exo's Showtime, I then told myself..ahhh, now I knew..he's kinda know slightly who Byun Baekhyun really like..and I know few about other members too..and of course about my sweet little prince, Luhan.. but later I will talk about Luhan.. mr.Byun..why so cute? |

| And...he's not just cute, and funny..but his so powerful and like a precious sweetest voice to listen to... he got it all ^^ |

Someone Who I Can't See Anymore

  • Last Saturday, I saw him in one hypermarket while I was there buying groceries and that situation, I can’t really remember, but all I know, I was so shocked, my face was pale and I need to sit to calm myself while waiting for my friends.. I don’t know, but I think he didn't see me because I was hidden with the goods hanging at one stall.
  • I don’t know whether it’s good or bad thing for me because i think last time I saw him was in 2007/2008 when I started my study for bachelor degree in uitm shah alam..that time I was trapped with my own feeling and felt a little bit selfish because we can’t see each other often and that one guy came to me and pay attention to me like he really liked, I was tertipu with his so called, yeah..basically when I left my ex bf and then, that guy left me without saying anything..that made me cried a bucket and almost lost hope..i felt like quit my study and run away and hide myself from other people..but thanks a lot to my family.. because of them, I gain my strength back..but to find my ex bf back, I think that’s it..i broke his heart once, I will not made him cry again because of me..i’m not a good person..i’m not good enough for him I think..
  • But since I saw him last Saturday..he keep coming to my mind..i don’t know why, he came to my dream and I keep thinking about him for no reason..i’m so confused right now…
  • But I keep praying for Allah to guide me and give me a good reason if he’s meant for me, we will meet again and if not, just let him happy with his loved ones and I will meet someone else who destined to be with me..for now, I just can praying and keep myself to always be calm and happy..^^

Movie Time!!

Miracle in Cell No. 7

  • Cried a bucket of tears watching that Korean movie..and now I understand why my cute boys (Luhan, Kris, Tao, Baek, Chen and Kai) cried when they watched the movie in their exo’s showtime tv show..
  • That movie is really can make you cry really happened to me..when an innocent father being forced to admit that he killed and molested a child just because he’s disable and looks scary in people’s eyes.. and the authorities used their power to makes people believe what they want to believe without think about other people’s life..
  • The child of the innocent father, is a cute, brilliant and trust her father the most..she wants to hear that her dad not guilty and be happy for her father even her father was being prisoned..she’s so bright and shine so that other bad guys in the same prison as her father can changed to be a better person..but they were all sad when the father was sentenced to death because he’s being forced to admit as guilty.
  • The scene before the father being punished, was the most heartbreaking one, when the father realized that he will not have chance to meet his precious and pretty daughter anymore and he was fall on the floor and then he listen her daughter called for him..that’s the most sad scene..
  • For me, how come the judge, police and authorities people can simply play with people’s life without investigate until they get the truth about something that had happened…they can’t just judge from someone’s appearance..
  • But from this movie, I salute the head of police who tried so hard to help the father and Yesung but can’t do much because he don’t have that full authority..but at least he showed his effort and he took care of Yesung very well till he’s became an adult and being a great lawyer to clean her dad’s name..
  • And the father’s friends from prisons..they are so funny and sincerely helping Yesung and her father meet each other in the prison..there are so many cute and funny moments..
  • This is one of great movie from Korea..satisfied, annoyed and sad at the same time.. ^^

Period Pain

Bulan ni lambat pulak datangnya period pain ni..lambat 10 hari..pastu semalam dating..aku terus makan ubat panadol pink tu sebab tanak sakit lagi teruk…pastu malam xmakan ubat pon..makan malam ngan kak sai n family pastu terus balik umah tidoq… tup tup pagi tadi sedar sebab sakit perut beriya-iya sampai rasa cam nak muntah dan nak pitam..tapi gagahkan diri juga ke office… 

• Dalam kereta cam biasa la kak sai da bagi idea-idea untuk kurangkan sakit aku ni..antaranya dia nak hantar aku ke klinik depan tu untuk amek mc pastu nak hantar aku balik umah..aku dalam hati..”tak nak la balik rumah..bosan jugak duk rumah sorang2..aku tidoq je nanti” hahahah.. 

• Pastu tadi lepas makan sebiji kuih pau kaya dan segelas air suam..rasa cam kurangla sikit sakit, tiba2 aku berubah fikiran..nak gi amek ubat je la kat klinik bawah segi ni..xyah nak mc segala.. selagi boleh tahan, tahan la..lagipun ada banyak kerja kena siapkan ni..kalo kat umah membazir je satu hari..ecehhh… sejak bila aku risau pasal kerja ni..kekekekkee… 

• So, tadi gi amek ubat doc bagi ponsten (betul ke eja?) pastu da telan..pastu da rasa kurang sakit la sikit..tapi baru pukul sepuluh..pad da penuh..wah..mencurah2 turunnya maybe sebab aku minum air suam tadi..jadi lancar pulak ye? Hahah tataula..tapi colleague ckp muka aku pucat..haha biasalatu darah banyak keluar kan? Hoho 

• Tapi masalah ni la yang paling susah aku nak deal..sebab datangnya tak menentu dan tahap kesakitan juga tak menentu..kadang2 sakit biasa2..kadang2 cam nak muntah cam nak pengsan..kadang2..light-light je..kadang2 tak sakit langsung..kadang2 rasa cam nak makan budak!! Haahahah macam kan…

 • Haih..sabar je la zetti..itu semua ujian Allah..itu baru sikit dan tak tahan kan..da pegi mencari ubat..kalo yang lagi besar datang tatau la camana… 

• Hehehe skang da makan ubat, mata lak lali cam nak amek bantal sorong dan zzzzzzzzz je..kekekekekke eh tapi tak boleh..jaga jaga ada yang memerhati…so tahan je la mata sampai balik rumah... ^^

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 2014

| Time flies so fast..really fast..and it gives me lot of things to handle..happy, sad, fun, stressful, exhausted, hoping, admiring, tired, disgusted, hopeless and so many other feelings that i can't help to maintain my feeling sometimes..|

| But despite all, here I am...still breathing..still standing..still smiling..still single..and still with the same problems.nothing much has changed and more responsibility to hold and more sad moments to |

| Last night, i had a bad dream..there's this guy..maybe he's my crush but I wasn't really sure who he was that dream, seems like he got mad at me and yelled at me and let me down and made cried..while I'm crying in the dream, I woke up and so surprised when I really had tears in my the hack!! why I cried? I was so down..and really don't like that stressful to woke up with those kind of feeling..but I just don't want to really care about it..and just let it fly away... |