Thursday, April 11, 2013

We all can see

| Recently event that he get involved with, we all can see how sincere and generous he is in person..he did it with smile on his face and with his full attention..that's why I told myself..I can see his sincere smile and comes to my heart..seeing his smiling that way, is priceless..|

| And I'm not even writing about my boyfriend here but my number one idol, 2PM Nichkhun..he's involved and chosen as one of friends of UNICEF proud I am to be one of his fans..because I know he's one of a kind..I know other hottest might agree with me because even blind people can feel his sincerity..not only empty things to be brag...|

| And 2PM will have their comeback and new album soon..I am so looking forward to it..I love Nichkhun and 2PM and I know it!! hehe^^ |

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

That kind of person

| There is this person who I see, always feel not easy if she see someone else happy..i wonder what happened to her but later i realize..this kind of people can't see other people happy or even better than her because she is too proud about herself so that she tend to look down to other people..|

| Let say, for example, she keep posting random thingy on facebook..about her tired day at school (she's a teacher) she often complain about other teachers that she doesn't like..she always post her selca (self camera photo) with caption "for you my hubby" yeah from the caption she mentioned it was for her husband but she posted it on, i can't see any relevance from her thing, she wants other people see her selca and gain lots of comments well done for being super confident...|

| And today, she posted that she hate that someone for no reason, just hate that person..from there you can see how she got problem with herself..she can't see other people doing well but if she doing something, it's all must be, this person is so annoyingly funny..but let her be..I don't want to get involve with this kind of people..negative people will ruin you and your just run run run away because i wanna be happy^^ |