Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lee Junho's self composed songs

| List of Lee Junho's self composed song :

  • Give It To Me - sing together with 2PM
  • Move On - sing with 2PM Wooyong
  • Sad Love - composed together with Kim So Eun (Music and Lyrics)
  • Forever (Legend of 2PM) - sing together with 2PM
  • Say Yes (Legend of 2PM) - solo 
  • This is Love (Legend of 2PM) - sing together with 2PM
  • (if any other songs that i don't aware of)
| Listen to all these Junho's self composed songs makes me loves him more..he is so talented..I love you Nuneo!!^^|


| Both of them are from k-pop group have a killer eye smile one is so pure like an angel (exaggerate a bit)..but for me, they both are too cute..just happy to see em.. Lee Junho or nuneo with his song composing skills, powerful voice, cheerful image while Nichkhun with his handsome, cute and manly appearance, angelic voice (other good things about khun you may find yourself when you look at him) so, they got it all..not only good face..that's why i love them^^|


"Introducing my new staff, she's already 3 months in this company but I hide her in the office to complete works" (mr.boss, 2013)

| Those words were from my boss as we went to school of IT yesterday to complete the internal audit and while he introduced me to the Head of Department, he said that and we burst to laugh...that's show that I have no time to meet other people when I need to face with my daily bundle of works..kekekeekek mr.boss is so funny^^|

Respect others

| Honestly, I don't have many good friends..I have one bff back in my bff since my degree class..a group of good friends to cheer my day since degree course, 1 good ex-colleague at exxon mobile, 1 good ex-colleague at KPT and 3 close colleagues at my current work yeah..i don't have many friends...there are plenty of them but to be too close is quite hard because of several factors such as lack of chemistry, over judging, lack of respect, friends for good time only and so on..but I don't makes any problem with's just that we are no often meet each other and rarely contact each other la..|

| But some of them need to have more sense of respect..for example, if you don't like k-pop or other things that for your opinion it's sucks or bad thing for you to accept, you don't have to insult others..just keep silent and do your own thing which you like..because if we like k-pop, we don't even force you to like it's up to you to like it or not..we won't disturb you either..if we post k-pop thingy on our facebook feeds or twitter feed, it's our own personal page, so don't we have right to do so? if you don't like to see it, just skip it or unfollow or hide simple as that right? just don't insult others with your call it as k-pork, k-poop or whatever you like..we feel nothing...but what about you? do you get anything from that? we still happy with what we, there's no benefit for hating others interests..we humans are different, remember? need to like the same things..there are plenty of things to be likes in this world..why so serious? kekekekekee...just show some respect la..that's all..peace no war ^^ |

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Best Boss

| I Couldn't ask for more when my life is so blessed currently..I just got confirmation to a permanent staff last week, I found a good room to rent, I have my lovely Miss Berry(my car), I have very shiny and supportive colleagues,       I have a very understanding, sporting, easy going boss, I have supportive, good listener parents and siblings..I got it all..what else could I ask for? emmm yeah...still ask for a right man to be with me..but it's ok since to find him will be a little bit difficult since I don't like to involved myself with society so it's ok for now...but still thinking about it...but it's need for a rush^^|

| And I highlight my words for my current boss just to tell how lucky I am now..he is a very good boss..yes bundle of works always comes and sometimes it gives us stress...but he is a calm person..always support us and sometimes he help to calmed the situation..he is so responsible and, I am so thankful and I don't want another boss for this moment..I just want to work happily and calmly...^^|

Say No to Negative Thinking..

| When something happened, especially when dealing with other people, those negative thoughts always came to my mind...for example, when I ask for somebody's help and when she/he said he can't help or so, my mind will quickly start to works "oooo he/she don't like me that's why he/she don't want to help me" or "ok, I know who I am, that's why nobody wants to help" those kind of things came to my mind..never fail...but thanks God, I always can control that bad thoughts and try hard to chase em away..because, I don't like that over thinking haunted me and makes me down...I don't want to think about unnecessary things too much...but it's always know like almost every's hard to just let it be..but I try so hard...|

| To be happy is to neglect and ignore all those negative I right? And even all negative thoughts that came to my mind are true, it's better if I just not too think about it because even if it's true, I can do's out of my control..I can't change people's heart..if they don't like me, they won' me, just be with people who trust me, accept me for who I am and makes me laugh is good enough..even if I don't have many of them..|