Thursday, February 28, 2013


| While browsing internet (twitter) yesterday, i read about my 2pm boys a lot to be makes me happy...and latest one was about Ok Taecyeon.. |

| Ok Taecyeon is now a student of Korea University Graduate School International Studies..i was like wow! he was graduated from Dankook University with a degree in Business Administration and now he pursue his study to the higher level...|

| It makes me repect him so much..he is one of 2PM members..he is already busy with his schedule with 2PM, he wrote and compose songs yet he still want to pursue will he find times...that questions came to my mind but then i realize, if you want to challenge yourself, you will find the way..and he is the true idol..the true good example..he got everything...he got good physical, he got brilliant brain..he got it all...|

| Ok Taecyeon shiii..I respect you and proud of you..!!| ^^

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