Thursday, February 28, 2013


| While browsing internet (twitter) yesterday, i read about my 2pm boys a lot to be makes me happy...and latest one was about Ok Taecyeon.. |

| Ok Taecyeon is now a student of Korea University Graduate School International Studies..i was like wow! he was graduated from Dankook University with a degree in Business Administration and now he pursue his study to the higher level...|

| It makes me repect him so much..he is one of 2PM members..he is already busy with his schedule with 2PM, he wrote and compose songs yet he still want to pursue will he find times...that questions came to my mind but then i realize, if you want to challenge yourself, you will find the way..and he is the true idol..the true good example..he got everything...he got good physical, he got brilliant brain..he got it all...|

| Ok Taecyeon shiii..I respect you and proud of you..!!| ^^

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

people call it jodoh..

| Hello, anneyonghaseyo...hehe..just want write about something that always came to my mind lately...about jodoh, people call it jodoh..well, for people who found it already, they have bunch of words to explain, to describe, to say out loud, to talk to, to write, to show off, to voice out their opinion, and so on...but for people who is still searching..whether searching for his/her jodoh or searching for a light to guide him/her to find the jodoh...or what so ever, they might have different words to say..but usually people are tend to not listen to them..they basically have own typical judgement or mindset towards these people who are still searching for their jodoh..those judgement are dot dot dot as below:

  •  a) oooo that girl/guy must be too "memilih" want a girl/guy who meet all those criteria that set up by them
  •  b) or, that girl/guy experienced sad or bad broke up history with his/her previous ex or exes(errrr)
  • c) or, that girl/guy ada saka (choi...!! minta jauh)
  • d) or, that girl/guy don't like commitment
  • e) or that girl/guy don like to be with opposite gender (emmm you know what i mean, right? hehehe

| But to me, whatever reason it is, better don't easily make your judgment or have your typical mindset lah..because we won't know about our destiny..jodoh, hidup mati tu semua kan Tuhan yang tentukan..we just can pray and find a way, follow the guts and ask someone who know us better, who else, our parents, just don't overthinking about it too much..just trust in qada' dan qadar..semua sudah dirancang..lambat atau cepat je..insyaAllah|

oh dear, don't be sad...^^
keep calm..pray on..keep smiling..errr  i mean..
smile in appropriate way.. :) 
and stomach will make you happy^^

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kesilapan yang boleh diperbetulkan

| Aku dalam dilema..untuk keluar dari rumah sewa yang aku baru je sewa dan duduk untuk 3 minggu...atas beberapa sebab yang aku rasa perlu demi keselamatan aku dan kesenangan hati mak aku (yela orang tua jauh kat kampung..tanak dorang susah hati fikir pasal kita) |

| So, balik keje tadi, with one of my colleague, went to see the room..and I liked's quite big, and comfortable it's just ruang tamu kecik sikit la..doesn't matter coz aku bukan selalu duk ruang tamu pon..aku ni jenis suka berkurung dalam aku ade tv, dvd player dan dvd haram yang aku suka sangat borong di kedai cina di kota damansara tu..(details aku sebut kan? hehe) so, takkan jadi masalah la if ape keadaan ruang tamu tu pon..lagipon da duduk nanti pandai2 la sama2 jaga kebersihan kan? lagipun rumah tu semua da lengkap, ada washing machine, dapur(masak kadang2 je pon), peti sejuk(boleh simpan coklat :p ) dan dekat je ngan tempat, ape lagi yang aku nak? aku rasa ok dan hopefully pilihan aku kali ini ok dan tiada masalah lah..insyaAllah..|

| Ring ding dong ding ding dong ding ding ding ding ding...can smile and dance happily now..kekekekeke^^|

Monday, February 4, 2013

JoonSeo Couple Sweet Memories 4


JoonSeo Couple Sweet Memories 3

| JoonSeo Couple in Hawaii|

JoonSeo Couple Sweet Memories 2

| JoonSeo Couple favorite moment..they looked so happy together^^|

JoonSeo Couple Sweet Memories^^

|JoonSeo Couple gifs from their last episode of WGM|

Farewell to JoonSeo Couple and We Got Married

| I think We Got Married was a nonsense show before I watched Khuntoria couple..I watch them because of Nichkhun and I like the concept even it's all just scripted and they have already plan all the scenes..but because WGM, I know more about Nichkhun and his good behavior, his family and so on..and later, I watched TeukSo couple (Lee Teuk and Kang Sora) it's another sweet couple in WGM ever but they need to leave the show because Lee Teuk was listing for military..and JoonSeo replace them..I love JoonSeo couple so much as they look so natural and they are really honest to each other..but later..when the scandal rumours published widely in the internet and all knetizens blame YoonSeo for cheating to Lee Joon..come on guys..the show was scripted..and they are not really in a relationship YoonSeo has her right to go out with who ever she wants..before saying anything bad about her, would you please make some research and get the prove whether the rumor true or not?|

| I was a little bit disappointed when they said bad things about Yoon Seo just to protect Lee Joon..and I think because of that, Joon Seo couple has been canceled and I just watched the last episode and it was so heartbreaking...I think one side not act professional..if they said they leave the show because of their busy schedule, then they shouldn't accept the offer  to be in WGM at the first to Nichkhun who has their comeback in 2011, he must be super busy at that time but he still manage to record WGM till end of episode very well..I respect Nichkhun for that, he must be face his hard time back then..but I know he's professional and manage his time wisely...even though he looked tired in some episodes..but he still manage to look so cheerful and give full of commitment..|

| And latest rumor said that 2PM Ok Teacyeon will join Global WGM with Taiwan's singer..I really hope that Taec will not involve with this kind of nonsense show but I believe he accepted it for a good reasons..and If this global WGM will promote good image of Taec and 2PM, I will support Taec but I swear this will be last time for me to watch this WGM show..I still feel unfair for Oh Yeon Seo for being treated that way..she has feelings too..but I hope she will become successful in the future..she's amazing and talented..fighting for her^^|

| I hope I will not watch anything heartbreaking like this goodbye WGM..and please don't offer my lovely 2PM boys to involve with that kind of nonsense show anymore..thank you^^|