Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ok day^^

| Today is 27th December..I love date 27 because my birthday also 27th but it's on May not December..but someone was born on 27th December..someone who you can love him once you see him..someone who is so beastly on stage but cute, cheerful, playful and friendly personally..someone you can easily recognize even you don't know from which group he is from..and someone you will love his voice when you listen to his rap..and that someone that I mention is.....*drum rolls* it's 2PM Ok he's turned to 25 years old (Korean age) weehoooo..Happy Birthday to the shining, ambitious and sweet Ok Taecyeon..we love you..wishing you to be more successful in the future, stay handsome and always be nice Taec that we know..we hottest wish to celebrate your birthday with you..but yeah, everybody knows it won't we wishing you to have a blast on your birthday with you beloved family, 2PM + 2AM members, JYP Nations and other friends..stay healthy, handsome, sexy as always..please..and we saw the picture of you with full of cake on your's funny and we bet you had a great party ever...we are happy for you..we are also happy's Taec day!! ^^|





Wednesday, December 26, 2012


| Just browse through all photos in my facebook...those sweet and bad memories came to my mind as i looked at it..and I choose to forget all the bad and just keep the sweet one as I miss to hang out took photos and be happy like that again....|

| From all those memories, I realized how innocent/stupid and easily to trust people I was back then..and because of that I hurt a lot.they took me for granted because I tend to believe and think that people around me were all kind..|

| But I think good side about me back then, I was so cheerful, friendly and love to smile a lot..nothing to worry much and just be happy with my friends^^..|

|I wish if I could turn back time, I want to be a better person, still be a cheerful me but not too stupid to easily trust others and instead of always being hurt, I want to be more outspoken and be brave...but if only I can..those time has gone nothing I can do, I just treasure what I have now and try to create as much as possible sweet memories to be remember and be more matured in person...^^|

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2PM+2AM=One Day

| Watching this video..and I'm telling myself..this is daebak!! One Day boys are awesome!! it's hard to not love them..all of exception..they've worked hard..being through lots of great moment together and now they still so close..I'm so proud and happy of their close friendship..wait, when will the movie release? can't wait to watch's gonna be super duper daebak!! kekekekeke^^|


| Before this, I've wrote about how generous 2PM Junho to participate in volunteering program in was last year event and now, this year, two other 2PM members participated in quite similar volunteering program and the members are Nichkhun and Taecyeon..I just watched first episode of the show but it's with no english subtitles so I can't really understand what happened but by watching it, I already able to see how sincere and passionate Nichkhun and Taecyeon even when doing voluntary job..they've worked hard..and no matter how bad he might looked when he need to stay in uncomfortable shelter, doing muscle works and eat not proper meal, but he looks so willingly to do the job well..that's why I love Nichkhun..his sincerity is a true thing that people can't deny about..really looking forward to the next episode to see how they worked hard to help unfortunate people in Tanzania...even though they've already end the making of the program but I still want to say this, Nickhun fighting!!!^^|

Saturday, December 22, 2012


| Suddenly feels like making my own gif photo..I don't know how to do it at first..and first attempt looks OK..not too good and smooth like other people did, but it's not bad..I think..kekekekeke^^ I think I should make more gifs later... :p |

10:10 scene from BIG drama..Gong Yoo so cute!!

saying I love you scene from BIG drama ^^

cute Gong Yoo crying from BIG drama  TT
Angry Chansung from MV Bad Guy by Joo
Wooyoung and Khun from Real 2PM..kyeopta!!

Wooyoung and Khun from Mr.Pizza CF ^^

Not my favorite anymore

| I used to love Glee so much..I followed the series from the pilot, season 1 until season 3..and I was really looking forward for season 4..but obviously I feel so disappointed season 4's story line..not interested many casts yet so less interesting story..they invited famous actress to involve in this season but nehhhhh..I don't like it..!! it's not a comedy series's much more to messed up-dramatic-so in rush story line drama..can't believe that they did Psy's gangnam style for one direction to compete in sectional competition for last unbelievable..seriously..I think gangnam style is really not suit for competition..and even if Marley was not fainted, one direction will still can not win the competition..huh..I don't know what the directors and writers for this season were all messed and I don't think I can watch the episode without skip it especially for the scene that involved Rachel and, unlikely to watch..really..I hope they will work harder to make it more interesting since this is finale episode for glee or else, it will be a big failure..^^| 

I love Coffee!!

| Coffee is not just black..but I love black coffee...BUT...I think I can't drink coffee anymore..since 2 days back to back I got stomach pain...I don't really know why but I strongly think that it's caused by coffee that I really love so much!!..I love it, but why it upsets my stomach so much? now, I have to say goodbye to coffee and try to like something else as my favorite drink..crying hard..wooo wooo (╥_╥)|

Friday, December 21, 2012


| Since next Tuesday is Christmas eve and of course it's public holiday..and at my new company, all staff here, we will given half day, since I only have half day leave to be use since I am still new here, I ask my boss's permission to take that half day leave on Monday plus half day leave which already that I can get one day leave on Monday..and through sms, I sent sms to by boss..and my boss just said this "ok, go ahead. No problem" kekekekekekke^^ I knew it! my new boss is awesome! so, lets have a great holiday next week!! happy holiday guys!! :) |

Favorite K-Idol ever!

| Watch it cheerful and sweet he is..always smiling, trying to make other members be in the good mood too and always taking care of his favorite dongsaeng,..he is extremely adorable..he even waved to his fans and smile sweetly..and I don't understand how hatters even got idea to hate him? oh, I forgot..hatters gonna matter how nice you are..maybe their life motto is, more nicer you are, they will hate you, just let them be..Nichkhun is back and he will makes hottest smile again..yayyyy!! ^^|

Stomach ache

| Trying so much to not get sick..because I want to perform well on my new job..even though I feel a little bit like I already get flu or fever at night but since it's not really bad and I'm still can wake up in the morning, It's ok..but one more thing happen, I got stomach ache right after I had my lunch..I ate with usual amount..actually it's happened yesterday after I had McD for my lunch..I feels like gastritis..I felt pain in the middle of my stomach but when I put on some medicine and the pain went away just like that..and today after had lunch, the pain came again...and this time more worst when I vomited two much pain..I don't know what happened to me!! maybe I will go for check up anytime soon..I am so afraid..don't want anything bad happened to me.. :( |

My Favorite Boys :)

| As I always go through my twitter or tumblr..there were always some people who easily gives their ideology or opinion about what they think about my boys..they tend to compared the boys with other groups and what so ever..but I don't care..!! I love them no matter have freedom to like whoever you want right? so please don't try to insult other people because you don't like them..or just don't bother about them at's much easier right? it's no point for you to be a's not good for your heart..if you don't like them just leave and don't even bother about them..just leave 2PM and hottest..we won't force you..just care about your own business..annyeong!!^^|

Happy and cheerful colleagues

| I used to worked in private company and I love the environment but I decided to changed to government line and I can see the difference..and now, I'm back to private line again..and I feel kinda happy...workload is another thing..we have to face it because it's our responsibility..but cheerful and happy colleagues is a must because it can help us to reduce stress from facing load of works..and I can say that, I have a cheerful moment with my other colleagues me smile and reasons to stay calm and happy working time..^^|

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shoulder to cry

| When that bad things happened to me..not even a tear drop from my eyes..even I felt little bit frustrated but i was not crying at all..for me, what had happened to me, it's already, I just follow the flow..stand on my own independent..alone without my family to arrange about everything..but I'm so lucky because somebody who is so kind willing to help me..really least I know I am not thankful..I am! kamsamnida!!^^


It's Hard but Face It!!

| It's a challenge to control yourself to be a good listener even if you don't want show your's really hard but you have to face it everyday..errrr everytime to be honest..have to bear with it...but I think if I can get over this challenge, then I will easily pass other challenges very well if it ever come to me..hopefully..kekekekeke^^ |

It's a challenge!!

| It almost a week I'm here in this new company..just finished my training for the new staff yesterday..and today just learning about my job description and just get ready to receive works from my bosses anytime soon..I am fully ready..just bring it!! kekekekekeke^^|

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thankful enough

| It's a good news..I got a new job..tomorrow is my first day..and I will working in the new company, new colleagues, new style of working and new, I will make sure I will work hard...first to successfully complete my 3 months probation and later to get promotion and increment in my salary..I will work harder and will not let anything to stop me from being successful here..|

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Smiling Eyes

| Just want to make a post about this cutie smiling eyes Lee Junho..while listening to Forever composed by Junho himself..kekekekekeke^^but something about can feel happy whenever you see his smiling eyes^^||