Friday, November 23, 2012

Choosing the right option

sleepy head..^^
| At the moment, I can see the hope for me..I am so thankful that I can see the hope again..I can have the chance to change my life for the better one..but it always came with the option..I have to choose whether to accept this or that..can't think what to choose right now..all I want to do is to rest my head and sleep cause I feel so exhausted at this moment..|

| but I always praying to get the direction towards the right path..insyaAllah :p

the Hyung and the Maknae

|The maknae must be missing his hyung so much for his hiatus..and they playing around during rehearsal before concert..kekekekeke..Nichkhun and both are too cute for acting silly^^|

brothers teasing each other^^

Nichkhun is doing the interview and look at the back, Jun.K singing Khun's song "let it rain..let it rain..

Jun.K continuously singing "let it rain..let it rain..under my umbrella..ella..ella..!!" kekekekekeke ^^

Khun said that he's serious and got mad with Jun.K's action

and suddenly changed his mind and want to do the dance together..^^

kekekekeke..playing around before the concert..^^ they are so cute! :p

Playful beast

| They are called the beast idols with their dark image on stage..and Taecyeon is the beastest among other members but behind the scene, they are so playful, cheerful and shining more beast faces and they are so cute!^^|

Taec is playing alone with the doll

Nichkhun started to notice him
later he join Taec, Junho was there but he's not amused at all
don't care about others, they keep playing

kekekekekke how old are you guys again..?^^

Parody ver.2

| This is the other parody by 2PM boys.."You're Beautiful"..wooyoung is the main lead in this parody when the other thinks that he's a girl..and they all want to win wooyoung's heart..but people will notice Nichkhun more..with his arrogant yet handsome syle hero..kekekekeke^^|


| and..for the great drama in Korea, there must be a parody by the idol groups..and it's so funny when they did the drama parody..2PM used to acted in 3 drama parodies one is "you are so beatiful" , "cinderella step sisters" and "moon that embrace the sun"..but I liked when they did cinderella step sister's parody the's so hilarious..2PM dongsaengs so funny..kekekekeke^^|

Chansung handsomely acted as the lead actor, Ki Hoon :)

wooyoung as Hyo Sun..he's so funny and Nichkhun emotionally acted as Eun Jo^^

Junho as Eun Jo's omma..kekekeke look at his lips..^^

wooyoung..why u so funny??

kekekekeke..crying when got yelled by his step mother.. :p

Jun.K as the little brother..^^


last scenes..Eun Jo and Ki Hoon about to kiss..euutookee..Chansung and Nichkhun ahhh..kekekek^^

Chansung laugh so hard

scared to death when their lips nearly to touch to each other..kekekeke..nichkhun acted like cute!!^^
Hyung being pushed hard by the maknae..^^

|Hehey, hello there..Happy Friday..happy working and let's start this shining and beautiful day with this song.."It Has To Be You" by Super Junior's Yesung..this song for me, such a lovely song with good lyrics and beautiful melody...such a good song for the Cinderella Step Sisters drama..ok I admit, I watch that drama only because I knew it's 2PM Taecyeon who acted as a second hero in the drama and this beautiful Korean Nation sister, Moon Geun Yeong as the lead, I watched it, but later fall in love with the other casts, the great story lines and this song as well..go watch it! you definitely won't regret it! Taecyeon was so good in this drama..ekekekekke^^ |

main poster for the drama

lead actor and sweet

and there is Taecyeon..cute!

tried so hard to make who he loves happy :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012


| on 17 Nov 2012, 2PM held a comeback concert called 2PM Live Tour " What Time Is It" in Shanghai...all of 6 members performed together after Nichkhun's hiatus..and it was a successful concert..with energetic performance from those beast idols.. :p |