Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lee Junho and charity

| Previously, I've watched one documentary with 2PM Lee Junho..he went to Ethiopia, Africa to visit his adopted brother that he sponsored for one year..I was happy at first because the documentary had Nuneo (Junho) involved so I would like to watch him so much..but once that show's kinda sad, sympathy and thankful feeling came to me..first because of the hard living of the people in clean water sources, not enough food, no good shelter, no clean and proper clothes, no clean and comfortable shoes to cover their foot and most of them being infected by foot over there lack of good nutrition to grow up well, parents can't work hard because of diseases and so unfortunate environment that they have to face everyday..but Junho, is one kind and good heart person when he, without any doubt he help all those unfortunate villagers with smile on his face..I can see his sincere when he said that he felt sorry for those people..even there were a little bit problem in communication when Junho can't really communicate in English and also the villagers..luckily there's  translator to help them communicate..but still, the villagers understand that Junho was so sincere to help them..|

| For me, it's kinda good tv program though..not many people or producer or singer who has courage to do this kind of show..when you bring a good singer to visit that unfortunate can attract more people to watch it and they will realize that so many people are need for our help out, from the show, i felt so moved as well..i promise to myself to be a volunteer to help unfortunate people one day..insyaAllah..and Lee are awesome! month they will show other charity project they did in Tanzania, guest who has chosen to be involved in this project? it makes me more happier..seriously, drum roll....!! it's Nichkhun..and other 2PM member, OK Taecyeon..can't wait to see them doing charity the way, Nichkhun already involved with charity project few years ago in Philippines with actress Song Ji Hyo..and Nichkhun once said that he wants to do charity to help other people with money that he earned..I am so moved to see them as singers of top group in South Korea willingly to sacrifice their time, effort, money and cool image to help the unfortunate people even they are so busy with their schedule.. my dongsaengs (2PM brothers) are so sincere and have kind heart..I am a happy Noona..hehe :p |

Bright Personality

| Two days in a row I watched 2PM concerts..but only on my laptop and dvd's republic of 2PM concert in Japan last year that i downloaded and the other one was 2PM first concert Don't Stop Can't Stop in Korea (I bought this's quite expensive but..hehehehe I can't control myself..but it's worth it!) so when i watched their concert, ..I can say that 2PM is one group that give their all for their fans..they dance and sing at the same time..we all know how hard to sing and dance at the same time right? and if you see their dance steps are almost impossible for you to sing when you have to dance that way..but 2PM did it! not that perfect but they nailed it..! it's fun to watch..everyone play their part very very well! and Nichkhun, I can see that he dance the most because he can't really sing well..he got kinda soft voice but maybe he can't really reach the high notes..but he gave it all in dancing..and for both concert, we can see that he's so concern about other members..he gave comfort to Junho when he cried, he help to wipe other members sweat and he's so cheerful from beginning to end of the concert..I love that attitude..we all know that they were tired after dance and sing..also have to remember all the steps and lyrics..but they still give their best and never forget to interact with their fans and honestly smile all the time..respect much! they are so deserve to be loved :p |

On his way

| He is on his way to the other members..I'm smiling right happy..when I saw his picture last the airport on his way to Japan to be with his members..for their comeback concerts..happy kid! welcome back Khunnie!! :p

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'll Be Back

| I'll be back from 2PM is one of my favorite song..when you listen to will experience one kind of feel towards's about their hard work, creative and close friendship among each, while browsing youtube today..i found the making of I'll Be Back's music video and the full original music video as well..from behind the scene of the music video, we can see that the worked really hard to complete the music video..over and over again made mistake, look so tired but nobody made unnecessary weird face or bad mood..they were still full with energy and cheerful attitude..and getting support from one of oneday member, 2AM Im Seulong..I think they are look like a's a beautiful of oneday (2PM & 2AM)...but that's last year situation..well, we know people can change..and they changed a lot this year..with incidents that we wish to happened...well, you can't always get what you want right? just deal with it and hoping for the better in the future..i wish to see 2PM and the entire family being close like before again..i want to see 6 of them getting together in one stage and working hard for their music again..2PM is awesome! :p |

Let's take a break

| Then i found's a video of Nichkhun as an ambassador to attract people to visit Thailand..he sang in Thailand..and English..and he is so cute..hehehe.. :p |

Yep, it's him!

| I first saw gif about this mv in the tumblr..and it's Nichkhun with his sad i just go to youtube and search Nichkhun in music video and i found this..!! heheheh..happy kid! and Nichkhun is really a good actor..he did it so well..but i just wondering why there is no Nichkhun in any Korean movie or drama? they don't have confident to cast him or they are afraid if Nichkhun will overshadow other Korean actors..hehe it's just my opinion..i don't know the reason's just my guts tell me to see Nichkhun as a actor more because i can see that he got that talent..and he can make people cry easily just from his sad expression..Nichkhun jjang!! :p |

Thursday, October 25, 2012

cuci mata

| abs, cute, calm and handsome can you hate him? I am pretty sure, people who said they hate Nichkhun is because they get jealous of him..because of his perfection..haha..ok I made up a little..but can't you see, he got it all!! last night I watched one tv program about how 2PM work out in gym to get those good body and hot hard they worked..that's why you can see this perfect piece of art in front of your eyes right now..they deserve to be loved..they've worked hard to build their body, practice their dance and sing, please show your support..put your hate heart away..keep calm and smile to our Nichkhun.. :p |

Tak pasti

| Seminggu ni tak pasti kenapa rasa sakit dan lenguh sangat pada dua-dua kaki especially masa nak tidur dan masa pukul 3 pagi sampai subuh..tiap2 malam, pukul 3 atau 4 pagi mesti terjaga..bila terjaga rasa la kaki tu lenguh sangat dari lutut sampai pinggang..pastu belakang ni rasa kebas..actually rasa kebas tu da lama..tapi kejap rasa kejap hilang..pelik sket la..tapi lenguh kaki tu sangat menganggu la..menganggu tidur..kerap terjaga pastu tidur tak cukup pastu penat bile pegi keja..rasa tak bermaya kat office..risau jugak..bila google (just nak tau faktor) mungkin aku ade penyakit kronik ke apa kan..sebab degil malas gi klinik or hospital..alasan xde masa..hehe..pastu try gak relate in case ade gangguan daripada perkara yang kita tak nampak kan? (you  know what it is) yela kita tatau kan? so, entahlah tatau nak buat kesimpulan apa, harap2 sakit lenguh2 dan kebas ni hilang la dalam masa terdekat ni..harap2 xdela gangguan daripada apa-apa kan? apekejadahla nak ganggu aku, gi ganggu orang lain la..not worth it pon kalo ganggu aku..hehe please..I want to live like other normal people..please!! :)

Hot - Jun.K

Personally, I love this song..It's composed by Jun.K or Kim Min Jun from 2PM..he composed this song and put it in 2PM Hands Up album..first time listen to this song, it's so fresh feels like to dance along..hehe.. now, I realized how talented Jun.K is..keep up a good work Jun.K..ah oh, he also composed a song for his member, Jang Woo Young's solo album..that song called "DJ Got Me Going Crazy" it's a fun and catchy song..we can say that it's Jun.K identity through his songs..I'm looking forward to listen more to his work of art..Jun.K, fighting! :p

idol 2PM Lee Junho casting for a Movie!

yeay! am a happy kid! I hope Junho will accept to hold a role for the movie..I don't know what genre or what kind of movie it will be..but when I got information that Lee Junho got casted for the movie, I am extremely happy..kekekekkeek..I think Junho has that talent..first time I saw him in reality show Music and Lyrics, he's got it all..he is so charming on tv..people will like to see him more and, hope he will work hard, act well and we will wait to watch the movie..because of smiling eyes Lee Junho..Junho..fighting!! :p 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


| Who is this guy? kekekeke..of course it's Thai Prince, Nichkhun..the sweetest, adorable, charming, flawless, kind and loveble K-Pop Idol I've ever known..who's stand with me? let's put ya hands up!! |

What Time Is It?

| What Time Is It 2PM Live Tour concert in Jakarta scheduled to be held on 8th December 2012..what about Malaysia? hope to get the news about the date, place and ticket price soon..haha..first time I feel so excited to go to the concert..ya ampun mak! hehe don't stop can't's 2PM..whatever happen it's a must for me to be there..! kekekekeke :)

The sweety side of Nuneo..oh can i date him already? :p

Big Bang

I can totally say that Big Bang's members and Big Bang's songs can go through my heart easily maybe because of the good songs or good voices i am not really sure..but among all members, I like TOP the most..because he is so handsome and he got a "Suara Jantan" kekekekeke..but Big Bang is #3 in my list for K-POP group which I like! :p