Thursday, August 30, 2012

Real Nichkhun


* Nichkhun, I know he is a nice person..always taking care about other people other than himself..always take care about his dongsaeng..always respect the elders and always trying to be nice with other people..but because of one night..that maybe written to be happen, he's facing hard time right now..even being edited out from what he had done..people talk bad about him..start to dislike him..but I believe in Nichkhun..always support matter what..people will make mistake right? so do might happen to other people..but it happened to, nobody is perfect..I hope Nichkhun will always be fine and come back's sad to see 2PM without him..I know there are bunch of people standing with me right now coz we have faith with Nichkhun coz we know how really he is... :)

real Nichkhun

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 PM

* It's not a time..but it's a band..a Korean band..waaaa...I don't know, how can i fall in love with them..I know, it's a bit late..their phenomenal has started long ago and people knew lot of things about them but me, just lately start to love them..and the reason for this new likeness started with my obsession for Running Man when they have invited guest to the of them who caught my attention is Nichkhun, form the beginning I just see him as a good looking Korean artist and I have no idea who is was..but he is good obviously, in Running Man, he's one of the best guest..he completed task very well and he seems so good in sports and most important, started from episode Running Man in Thailand, they invited Nichkhun again and from that episode I know that he is Thai first it's hard to believe coz his fluently speaking in Korea and his pan asian look so different from Thai people..but thanks to Running Man, now I know more information about Khunnie..they were also shot scenes of the game in Khun's home..we able to see Khun's family..his dad, mom and siblings...and the love for Khunnie has grow bigger and bigger from day to day..hehe :p *

* And after a while, I found a variety show which involved Nichkhun, We Got's a fake marriage show and from the show, it's a good show (to get to know more about Khunnie) but sometimes it's overrated when there's some scenes that seems so planned and no sincere between Khunnie and his partner..but it's a fake marriage show after all..but from the show, I see Khunnie as a gentleman, soft spoken, funny, cute, protector, romantic, creative and hard working person..all in Kunnie..oowh I bet all girls in this world has dream to have Khunnie as their bf/husband so do I..hehee..he is so perfect..I melted and feels like to cry whenever he plays's so sweet..I think that a guy who can play piano is sweet and sexy..hehe...dream on Zetti!! :p *

* So from We Got Married I got to know about Nichkhun's band member, 2PM and I've found that they are so funny and hilarious and talented..I watched this idol show for 2PM and can't stop laughing..and started downloading their songs..their unbelievable..they can sing, they can dance (powerful dance) they have great body...they are so good looking, they are funny and there is not a single reason to not love them..I am proudly admit that I am one of 2PM hottest right now..hehehe..I am a big fan now...please come again to Malaysia..I will definitely come to support you guys..fighting!! hehe :p *