Monday, March 19, 2012

Cute kan?

| Jennifer Lawrence..Kite suka die..mula tengok die berlakon dalam cite X-Men First Class yang jadi girl yang warna biru tu..tak ingat pula nama die..pastu dalam movie terbaru die The Hunger Games tu cam best pula..die cam comel dan funny juga..tak de nak control2 sangat..gonna be my favorite actress ny maybe :)


| Maybe I should use "alone" as my middle life always being ruined by other people since I was kid..during primary school one of my friend (used to be), out of nothing, in the class, splashed water to my front of other classmates and teacher..and I was just stared at her and did nothing..maybe I am afraid at that time or maybe I don't want to be as rude as her because my parents never told me to treat other people that started with her..she started the fight, she insulted me with harsh words and I just sit there and ignore her..and she went mad and splashed water to me..that damn water streams down to all over my that was the last time I made an eye contact with her..I don't want to act nice with that kind of person..wasting my time :p |

| When I was in primary school, I was so a cheerful person.. I will join all the school's club and gave full commitment as a committee members..I became more closer with teachers and from that, I gain haters..they made rumors and spread bad words about me..but I don't give any crap..I just too busy managing and handling the clubs that i committed so I don't have enough time to care much about the rumors..and they started to touched my personal life..they did something that lead me and boyfriend at that time (cinta monyet) broke up..we broke up because of other people..they made wrong story about me and my bf bought that and we broke up just like that..but I just let it be..just focus more on my study and I survived with quite good result which lead me to pursue my study to the diploma level..Alhamdulillah :p |

| 3 years in UiTM Dungun, so many things happened but I don't want to recall all those bad memories..but as I said earlier, trouble is my friend and like to follow me wherever I tears always be my best friends and then I met someone that I really loved and I lose him but I learned something through all of it..and I survived and get my diploma and leave all those craps things there..and I don't want to turn back time anymore.. :p |

| I live my life until now, and troubles still like to stay with me and being a loyal friend to me..and now, it's hard for me to being hurt anymore..seriously, sad to say this but seriously I can feel nothing now, nothing for friends, nothing for love one, except for my beloved family..that's it..only family can makes me happy again right now..I don't know what had happened to me but it is true I don't know who I am anymore..but as always, I will live my life as it should be and trying to survive...just pray and let Allah decide what best for me and my life..I just..Redha and if someone ever ask me why I will just smile and's not easy to explain except for those who is really want to LISTEN.. :) |

You Have No Idea

| At one point in your life, you will feel like nobody is staying around you..even though you are surrounding with a bunch of people but there is no one with you or know you and you are all alone...and it is happening to me right real life friends who I can depending on, no office friends, all I know, I am alone..but I am not lonely..I just feel like I have to do it on my own..all of the things..on my own..I can take it..not a big deal..I am stronger, remember? :) |

|  Last night, I saw something on sosial network..maybe I should not being affected by that words coz I don't have any prove that it was purposely said about me or not. So I just leave it there..coz I know I have no issue with that particular person and so, I put myself in the full of spirit and energy to face today in the office, to face the boss and people around here but when I arrive the office this morning and suddenly bam!! just like that, someone had ruined my shining day with only a letter...and what should I do? say anything? nobody is listening..they rather like to pretend to be so busy (or make it look so busy) so that I have no chance to say anything about it or argue about it...and I am officially messed up!! congrats to me!! :p |

Grey's Anatomy Season 8

| Baru habis melayan Grey's Anatomy Season 8..beli last week tapi tak boleh nonton sebab DVD Player rosak..entah kenapa, kesayanganku itu rosak tetibe..maybe salah pasang DVD yang lama dan rosak sebabkan ia, I have to buy a new one..beli yang murah2 aje la (belum gaji) dan hari ini barulah boleh layan..hahahhaa..happy letewwww...sebab Grey's Anatomy is the second tv drama that can makes me smile after Glee..esok, akan sambung lagi nonton sampai habis..pastu insyaAllah akan beli lagi sambungan episode 8 sampai episode finale..hobby aku, that's that! heheehe.. :p |


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Confession of a shopaholic

| Tonight spent my time with watching this movie...Confession of a shopaholic..I watched it before but it's been awhile and it has a very good advise in this movie you know and it feels a little bit different when re-watched it maybe it's feels more meaningful I don't know just feel different and i can get the true meaning of the movie..beside, the actors also cute here attached few photos and quotes from the movie..enjoy!! :p |

" You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that's what it's like when I see a store.  Only it's better." - Rebecca Bloomwood



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

500 Days of summer ver.1

| Masih dalam mode untuk movie 500 Days of check it..check it out!! :p |

Can't Stop Laughing when I see this..!! haha :p

It's Justin Timberlake ok? OMG...! so hilarious hahahaahaha :p

Monday, March 12, 2012

500 Days of Summer

| This is my all-time favorite movie ever!! first because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and second because of the story in this is different from other movies...if you want me to watch this movie over and over again I won't say no and stay...and the most remembered scenes as below :p  |

1) Flirting in the office


2) Dating in IKEA